NLP Mind Tricks for Job Interviews

NLP Mind Tricks for Job Interviews


With a few well chosen words can you can take people inside themselves making them think about what it is you want them to think about. In a job interview situation, you will already agree by influencing the interviewers thoughts making them think about you being the best person for the job has all kinds of hidden power – and I was just wondering, if you possessed the skills to use hypnotic language patterns in job interviews, how many ways you could use these techniques to your advantage?



Erickson (a famous hypnotherapist – his work was modeled and adapted by John Grinder and Richard Bandler for NLP) used hypnotic and persuasive language patterns in his work to ensure his clients followed his suggestions. The same language patterns that were used to hypnotize people can be used in the job interview and you are probably already thinking about the hundreds of ways you can use these same techniques to get the results you desire.


An NLP Double Binds – offer choice where there is no choice.

When using a double bind you need to first think about your outcome – what you want to achieve. With an outcome in mind, you can offer a choice to a person which makes that individual think they have two options when both choices, in reality lead to the same end result.


You can read all the examples or just one or two?

Example One: would you like to read the report in full or just skim through it?  Desired outcome to get the person to read your report

Example Two: In the next few minutes or right now, you can start to think about the project we discussed yesterday. Desired outcome to get the person to start thinking about the project

Interview Example: “I don’t know what you consider to be a success? The profit I increased in my last position or the quality awards I won for the company? You might consider doubling the turnover as a great success or you might agree with me, that increasing repeat business will establish a lasting increase in profits for the years to come. The way I XXX was A,B and C…..and that’s what I consider my greatest success to date”

In the interview example we were able to cover more then one base; increasing profits, doubling turnover, increasing repeat business. This a great trick to use when you don’t yet know what the employer deems important – when discussing the options you can learn to read the employers body language which means you can end your answer talking about the thing the employer is most impressed with.

Many people feel intrigued when reading techniques on influencing people, especially if they have been designed to double or triple your wage through passing more job interviews. As you have been reading this article, taking in the information we provided you can already feel yourself wanting to know more, which means you will want to read how to Influence the interview – using psychology, NLP and hypnotic persuasion techniques.

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