Derren Brown – Anchoring Guilt

Did you see last night’s Derren Brown show – The Guilt Trip? When Derren made an innocent person admit to a murder that he didn’t commit by anchoring guilt. I woke up this morning to several e-mails asking me, how he achieved this amazing feat.

So, I thought I’d share the NLP anchoring technique with you and I would add you can use NLP anchoring to anchor positive states like happiness and excitement rather than guilt. Many other techniques were used by Derren Brown to make the innocent man admit to murder and today we will look at the anchoring stage of the process.

NLP Anchoring

  • Get the client to think about the state you want to anchor – guilt, happiness, excitement, etc. Ask the subject to think about a time they felt (the state) and ask how it felt “how did feel when you felt guilty” “I have a dry mouth when I’m feeling guilty – do you?” at this stage you need the client to really associate with the feeling, which is why you need the client to think about the details of the state “when you feel guilty, what happens?” as the subject thinks and relives this particular memory squeeze their shoulder Derren Brown also used a audio anchor – the chiming of a clock.
  • Set up a real guilty situation. Derren Brown made the subject feel guilty by getting him to think he offended his idol and believing that he stole an expensive pearl necklace. Get your client to feel happy, excited or any other state, when your subject lives this state and the feeling is at its optimum squeeze the clients shoulder.
  • You can continue to make the subject associate whichever state you are anchoring by getting them to relive a memory of the state or get the client to actually be in that state, as the state reaches its optimum squeeze the subjects shoulder.
  • The client will associate the squeeze of a shoulder to the feeling or state
  • When you want the client to feel the anchored state; excitement, happiness, guilt or whichever state you have anchored squeeze their shoulder and they will feel the particular state automatically

When anchoring, remember to only squeeze the shoulder when the client state is at its optimum. This technique can be used on yourself or on others and should only be used for good, not evil.

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7 thoughts on “Derren Brown – Anchoring Guilt

  1. This is all very interesting, but I think as the world gradually gets wise to those sort of techniques, their effect will fade, and it probably won’t work on most people.
    Like hypnotism itself, I know a lot about how it works so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be hypnotised. It just doesn’t work on me at all.

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