Embedded Commands – Influencing your Colleagues and Managers

Imagine that you can master the art of using embedded commands to persuade others to follow your lead? Persuasion techniques are highly powerful, the issue isn’t how powerful these techniques are but how you can use them to improve your career prospects, if you could persuade others, how would this benefit your career?

As you are sat down at your laptop/computer reading this article, you are already becoming more aware of when you can use embedded commands in your every day life. Others who have successfully used embedded commands, after reading this article, now know how plant an idea into a colleagues head during a staff meeting, you can already imagine the power of influencing a whole team meeting?

You can already see the power of embedded commands, visualise yourself at a promotional interview, as you see yourself answering the interviewers questions, imagine slipping in an embedded command without the interviewers knowledge, how would it feel to know how embedded commands can influence your job interviews?

I agree, you want to learn this pattern now and I would add, once you notice the many ways you can use embedded commands in your work and personal life you will start to feel excited about learning this new technique, imagine that little buzz in your stomach as you become more and more excited, like a tight excited bomb bouncing around, until the excited bomb explodes, sending excited feeling around your whole body! Feel that excited feeling now, as you get ready to learn these highly powerful techniques.

It’s not about how powerful embedded commands are, it’s about how naturally you can use embedded commands to influence others, how many days are you willing to practice this technique to become an expert?

OK, on with the technique. You have read this far, you are interested in learning about embedded commands and you already know the importance of practicing these techniques so you can use it to naturally persuade others.

  • First you need to set up the embedded command; the set up is sometimes referred to as weasel phrases: Example:

“When you..”

“You can…”

“The more you…”

“You want to..”

“If you were to…”

There are hundreds to choose from, when you can come up with other ideas, write them down.

  • Second, you need to add the “Command.” Example:


“Think about…”




Remember you can think of many more command words, as the command word pop’s into your head, write it down and try it out.

  • To finish of the embedded command, you need to end the sentence with a State, Process or Experience (SPE’s): Example:

“A change of mind”


“That I am right”

“You agree”


As you are already aware there are many SPE’s you can use, imagine you can come up with 3 new SPE’s, what would they be?

I agree, as you read the breakdown of the technique not all of it will make sense, but it’s not about if the breakdown makes sense yet, it’s about how you can learn to put it all together. As you read these next examples you will start to understand embedded commands better then before.

“When you feel excited” –  Feel excited is the command

“How does it feel to know that I am the right person for the job?”  – I am the right person for the job is the embedded command

“The more you think about how you can offer me the job the more you will notice what added value I can offer”Offer me the job and notice what added value I can offer are both embedded commands.

For embedded commands to be effective you first need to gain excellent rapport and the embedded command has to go unnoticed by others, for maximum effectiveness change your tone of voice when giving the command and leave a small gap before and after the command. For embedded commands to work talk slow, a good embedded command will by pass the conscious mind and head straight for the unconscious mind.

  • When using embedded commands during job interviews, the interviewer, once you have used embedded commands will feel it was there idea to offer you the position.

Finally re-read this article and see how many embedded commands you can find? the person who e-mails in with the highest number of embedded commands will win a free copy of the secrets of employment e-book.

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