How to Fall Out of Love

Falling Out of Love and Getting Over Ex-Partners 


For many a break-up can be hard emotionally, this can be true for long and short term relationships. Some people can find it hard getting over the shock of break up and their past feelings make it hard for the person to let go.

The technique below can help you get over past girlfriends and boyfriends by making you fall out of love – WARNING: the technique is very powerful, you need to be 100% certain that you want your feeling towards this past partner to vanish, are you certain you want to Fall Out of Love?


Step 1: Write a list of all the things you liked about your ex-partner

Step 2: Write a list of everything you dislike about this person from hairy ears to how lazy this person is (write all the big and small things down that irritate you about that person, from one off bad experiences to repetitive irritations)

Step 3: In your minds eye picture all the “good times” by quickly viewing them as pictures on a wall. Turn each picture to black and white

Step 4: Picture the “bad times” and then one by one turn each negative picture into a film and watch each film play out – make your screen big and colorful, turning up the brightness and sound.

Step 5: step into each of these negative films so you can feel fully associated to the time, see the world from the eyes of you at that situation, hear what you can hear, see what you can see and feel how you felt.

Step 6: Think about your ex-partner – how do you feel about him or her? positive or negative? repeat this exercise until you feel only negative emotions.

If you want to fully get over your ex by falling out of love, book a Hypnotherapy session in Manchester.

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