Hypnotic Language Patterns in Job Interviews

Are you Intrigued about using Hypnotic Language Patterns in Job Interviews?


The aim of the job interview is to get the employer to visualise you in their mind being successful why you are working for them, in this sense we need to take the employer inside themselves, creating a day dream state through the words you use in the job interview. Once they imagine you being a successful employee, they will get a gut feeling about you – “I know this is the guy for us, I don’t why but I just know”

By using hypnotic language patterns and VKA words (which you have learnt about in previous articles or from the influencing the interview book) you can create positives images for the employer to use.


  • Common Interview Question: “what are your strengths?”


Interview Answer Embedded with NLP Hypnotic Language – 3 examples  


  • “As a teacher my focus is on the pupil’s achievement and I know from my research that the school also has a focus on achievement and the pupils distance travelled. I use a mixture of learning styles to increase student achievements and in my last school I increased the achievement outcome by over 10% you can probably imagine me increasing your success rate using the same techniques. To answer your question I would say that my ability to use a mixture of learning styles, that you can see increase the results of your pupils, often by moving each student up a grade is a key strength of mine.”
  • “A key strength of mine is my ability to plan and organise – I’m a details type of person, which is good because this position requires someone like me who loves accuracy, details and facts. You can imagine that I’m the type of employee that’s ensures precision, I am always told by previous employers “that every task I complete is always delivered to a high standard” if you want someone who dot’s the I’s and crosses the t’s and you feel that accuracy is important to you, then I can imagine us working well together, so overall my number one strength is my ability to deliver highly accurate work, in a planned and organised way”
  • “Well, I’m a people’s person, when I meet people they feel a deep rapport building. I’m a great listener, people find it natural to like me, they don’t know why maybe because I am friendly and professional or it could be because I’m naturally good with others, but people just feel relaxed with me, which allows them to open up. You know, you just get a gut feeling about people sometimes, don’t you? Yes I would say my people and rapport building skills are my strengths”




The key for embedded commands and hypnotic interview language to work is for it to go unnoticed, so, how many hypnotic language patterns did you spot?  Unsure, click here to learn more:


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