Instant Confidence for Interviews and Presentations

Instant Confidence for Interviews and Presentations


Imagine you could instantly summon up the confidence to perform a skill of task to the very best of your ability.


If you had a technique that would allow you to access a resourceful state to overcome your fear of fear of public speaking, before a job interview or to give you he confidence to contribute during an important meeting; how would this technique benefit you?


Today you will learn how to access a resourceful state such as confidence, by using a famous NLP technique; The Circle of Excellence


The Circle of Excellence is an anchor whereby an imaginary circle is drawn on the floor, which is ‘stepped in-to’ to install new and additional resources relative to a situation where different behaviour or thinking is required


I have used this NLP technique to give people the confidence during job interviews, to perform well on stage, while giving presentations and help a sports person perform well during Olympic events


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This technique requires using your imagination and your ability to visualise events in your mind, when visualising events you will need to shut out the outside work and go deep into your unconscious mind, imagining you are there again, at the place you are visualising – this must feel real, like it does when you dream.


First read through the technique before completing it three times.


The Situation.  First think of a situation (interview, public speaking etc) when you would like to feel your best and most resourceful self. Draw an imaginary circle on the ground in front of you.  Make it a generous circle of about three feet in diameter. 


Relive Confidence.  Stand up and let yourself go back in your memory to a time when you were very confident, abundantly confident.  Go back to it strongly; see what you saw through your own eyes at the time, hear what you heard and even remember all the smells and taste that you smelt and tasted when you originally felt confident. Notice what you are feeling and how good it feels reliving that moment, feel that confident feeling rushing through your body; beware where the confident feeling starts and the direction it is heading, the speed the confident feeling moves at through your body and what the temperature of that feeling is.


In the Circle.  As you feel this confident building up, double it and step into the C.O.E.  What colour would you like the circle to be?  Would you like it to have a sound like a soft hum that indicates how powerful it is? What is your power sound like? How does it feel?  Are you feeling relaxed, excited, strong? How is your posture and breathing right now?  Notice the position of your feet and hands, the tilt of your head.  When the feeling of confidence is at its fullest, step out of the circle, leaving those positive confident feelings, colours and sounds inside the circle.


By being aware of your posture, your breathing, how relaxed you feel, where the confident feeling starts from in your body, the temperature of this feeling, what positive self talk you give yourself when you feel confident – you now understand which elements make you feel confident, this allows you to use this experience to re-access you confidence when needed by anchoring all these different confident elements to the COE, you will automatically access them when “stepping into the COE” without even having to think about it


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Repeat the exercise with a second and third experience if you want to add further resourceful states to the circle or if the circle doesn’t feel strong enough.  Repeat as many times as necessary.  The circle is limitless and you can keep adding more confidence and power resources to the circle over time.


Selecting CuesNow think of a specific time in the future when you want to have that same feeling of super confidence.   Imagine yourself in this future event, see and hear what will be happening just before you want to feel confident.  How will the scene unfold?


What is the cue to knowing that it is nearly time to step into the C.E.O.?  It could be the opening of an office door or stepping onto a stage or being introduced to an audience…put the CEO in the place you need it to be so you can access your confident state; this could be in front of a microphone or the interview chair.


Step into the Circle of Excellence!  Feel the confidence there for you again, the colours, the sounds, the positive self talk, the confident breathing and posture.  Imagine the scene unfolding exactly the way you want it too, with you feeling extremely confident with all your confident feelings and resources fully available for you. Play this future event out fully with you acting at your best, see this future event from the eyes of the YOU in the future.


Check Results Now step out of the circle again, leaving those confident feelings there in the circle.  Outside the circle, take a moment and think again of that upcoming event or situation.  You’ll find you’ll automatically recall those confident feelings


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This means that you’ve already reprogrammed yourself for that upcoming situation and you are already feeling better resourced for it.  When the time comes you will naturally feel more confident and if you want to add more power to those positive feeling, your circle of excellence is only ever one footstep away.



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