NLP Fast Phobia Cure

NLP Fast Phobia Removal Technique

Anyone with any type of phobia, from a phobia of spiders to a phobia of heights will tell you the many ways of phobia affect you in all areas of your life. Phobia free people find it hard to understand how a phobia can affect you in your life, your career and in your relationships.

One of the main reasons many people want to banish a phobia is because phobias can be passed on to your children. Today you will learn how to quickly get rid of any phobia with the NLP Fast Phobia Removal Technique.

NLP Fast Phobia Cure

The NLP Fast Phobia cure allows you to process an unpleasant memory or a phobic response so that you can change the order of the experience in your brain in such a way that it is eliminated and no more fear exists. You will be able to re-experience a trauma or phobia without experiencing the emotional content of the event or having to face up to the trigger that would normally set off the phobic response.

The Fast Phobia Cure

1. Identify when you have a reoccurring phobic response or a traumatic or unpleasant memory that you wish to overcome. Remember that you are safe before and are safe after the unpleasant experience.

2. Imagine yourself sitting in an empty cinema auditorium, sitting comfortably in the front row, watching a paused image of you before a phobic  black-and-white screen.

3. Now imagine floating out of the you that is sitting in the cinema seat and into the projection booth at the back of the cinema. You can now see yourself in the projection booth, watching yourself in the front row seat, watching the paused film of you on the screen in black and white.

4. Run the film in black and white, on the very small compact screen, starting before you experience the memory you wish to overcome and running it through until after the experience when you were safe again. Once the film ends pause the image. Remember to watch the film from the you in the projection booth watching the you in the front row of the cinema watching the you on the screen in black and white, this way you are now double disassociated.

5. Once the film has played through and is now paused, float out of the projection booth, passing the you in the front row seat and float into the you in the end of the film. See the world from the you in the film, see what you can see, hear what you can hear and feel the way the you in the film feels.

6. Run the film backwards very quickly, in a matter of a second or two, in full colour, as if you are experiencing the film, right back to the beginning, when you were safe. See the world being rewound from the eyes of you in the film, hear all the voices as you would hear them if they were run backwards very quickly.

7. You can now repeat steps 8 and 9 until you are comfortable with the experience, remember to rewind the film in colour and relive this experience from the you in the film.

8. Now go into the future and test an imaginary time when you might have experienced the phobic response. How does it make you feel, now? How much better do you feel?  If necessary, repeat the process until your phobia is completely vanished.


As you can tell this is a verypowerful technique that can be used on a variety of phobias and is best used under hypnosis, if you are keen to remove the gripping hands of your phobia book a NLP hypnotherapy session today.

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