NLP Practitoner Course in Manchester

 NLP Practitioner Course


“Much More Then Just NLP; Master Techniques to Maximise Your Life, Your Career and Your Future. What Would You Do If You Had The Power To Achieve All Your Goals?”


7 Day NLP Practitioner Course in Manchester (July – Aug 2013)







Do you lack confidence, self esteem or motivation? Is your life tiring, unfulfilled and lacks any real direction? Are you living in the shadows knowing that you can achieve so much more but you just can’t get the energy to move your life forward?


On a scale of 1-10, with one representing your life at its lowest and ten representing you at your best, what number would you rate yourself?


Imagine you had the power to be any number of that scale, what if you could be an 8? What if you knew the secrets to living life at a 9? How would it feel if you learnt the techniques, giving you the knowledge and power to live your life at a 10?



How Do Others Respond To You?



It’s true that people respond better to happy, positive and confident people. The people who at 10 on the scale get the job offers, get the girl/boy friends and these lucky few are the one’s other people admire and want to be.


  • Do You Want To Be More Happy?
  • Do You Want To Be More Confident?
  • Do You Want To Be More Successful?
  • Do You Want To Achieve Your Goals?
  • Do You Want To Be Admired and Loved For Who You Are?



Can NLP Help You?



You may want to attend the NLP Practitioner Course in Manchester, because you want to be more confident, you may want to be successful in your career, you may even want to be able to approach the opposite sex? I don’t know why you want to Learn NLP, but I know that NLP is modeled on successful people and you will learn the strategies successful people use to:



  • Achieve All of Your Goals
  • Feel More Empowered and In Control
  • Gain Success In Relationships, Business, Careers and in Life



NLP will give you the skills to improve all aspects of your life. That’s what I love about NLP, unlike other techniques NLP is universal once you know how to feel Confident, How to Achieve all of your Goals and how to Gain Success in one area of your life you can use the same techniques to Gain Successes in others areas of your life too.



How Can NLP Help YOU?


Over the 7 Days you will learn a vast amount of skills and knowledge, the course is split into three main sections:


  1. Controlling Your Emotions; learn to master your own emotions, access confidence, motivation and desire when you need it the most. In essence take control of your life, at the minimum feeling good about yourself, at the maximum become an unstoppable force
  2. Influence Others; understand how others are motivated and influenced, use your WORDs to control others, make powerful emotional connections. Imagine being able to great Rapport with anyone or at its height, imagine you could persuade people to respond however you wanted them to?
  3. Achieve Your Goals; make a difference in your life, become passionate about who you are and where you want to go. Live your life with passion, feel determined, and really WANT to be successful. Turn dreams into reality and feel that powerful impact in your life, in your finances, in your relationships, in your career and in your business



Who Is NLP For?



People attend the NLP Practitioner course in Manchester for two reasons, the first Self Development to increase self esteem, to improve confidence, to achieve goals and to become the best possible you, you can be. And secondly to support their business either as a coach or therapist, learning new skills and techniques or a  business to maximize revenue, to set new business goals and to increase your teams output and creativity.


This course is for:


  • People Wanting to Self Develop
  • Life Coaches
  • Therapist
  • Business Owners
  • Actors
  • Or anyone looking to develop themselves, their skills and their business



What Techniques Will I Learn?



  • The Swish Pattern
  • Well Defined Outcomes
  • Influencing Language Patterns
  • Pacing & Matching
  • Eliciting Subconscious Responses
  • Pattern Interrupt
  • States
  • Accessing Resourceful States
  • The Swish Pattern
  • Anchoring
  • Resolving Internal Conflicts
  • Reframing
  • Perceptual Positions
  • The Phobia Cure Pattern
  • Logical Levels
  • Sensory Acuity
  • Meta-Model
  • Circle Of Excellence
  • Strategies
  • Values
  • Submodalities
  • Time line therapy
  • Metaphors
  • And Much More..



This Course is Taught by Best Selling Authors, Who Use NLP to Teach NLP, this means we will use unconscious learning techniques to embed to NLP principles into your subconscious mind, making learning fun and easy


  • You will also Receive Step by Step instructions of Each technique 



The 7 Day NLP Practitioner Course will be delivered in Manchester City Centre on


  • Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July 2013
  • Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August 2013
  • Saturday 16nd and Sunday 17rd August 2013
  • Saturday 23rd August 2013



What To Do Next?



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