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The 73 ruled for Influencing the Interview using Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques 


 It’s here…the highly anticipated book “the 73 rules for Influencing the Interview – using Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques” is being released on Friday 13th July by MX Publishing. To celebrate the release of this new paperback book, that is predicated to go global, the author Chris Delaney is promoting the book through a Virtual Tour.

More dates to be added shortly; join the virtual tour for your chance to win free copies of the book and other exciting gifts, listen to interviews from the author, join in author question and answer sessions, watch video links and join webinars to learn more about NLP, Psychology, Hypnosis and Interview techniques through each blog and website that we have hand picked for our NLP Virtual Tour.

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