Richard Bandler

Who is Richard Bandler?


In several NLP articles I have mentioned Bandler’s name without explaining who Bandler is, and several Employment King members e-mailed me asking who is Bandler?


Richard Bandler and John Grinder founded NLP in the early 1970’s, back then Bandler was an undergraduate and Grinder a Associate professor with both men having a passion for understanding and modelling human excellence.

NLP is the process of modelling, extracting and replicating the language structure and behaviour of an “excellent” individual in any activity or task.


During the 1970’s Bandler and Grinder started by modelling several hypnotherapist including Milton Erickson, who at their time were the best in their field gaining more positive results than any other hypnotherapist. Soon Bandler and Grinder, through modelling started to gain the same results as Erickson and started to model other experts in their fields gaining the same outcomes these experts gain after years of training, but NLP modelling ensured that these results could be obtained much quicker.


Imagine if you want to be the best shot on a shooting range, you can practice for years and years until you the master the skill. But with NLP we can model what an excellent shooter does internally, what do they visualise, what self talk they use, how they feel etc. We can take their process and use it to become an excellent shot within a session or two. Just imagine all the skills you can master quickly using NLP.


NLP was born, Bandler and Grinder explained what they had learnt through modelling in two books “structure of magic 1 and 2.” Bandler and Grinder started to deliver NLP training courses on modelling and more people started to gain the same results that Bandler and Grinder had gained, as more people used NLP the more sectors NLP entered into.



Bandler and Grinder split up with Grinder working in the USA and Bandler working in the UK – you can see Richard Bandler for yourself on one of his practitioner courses, where you can receive an NLP Practitioner Certificate.


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