So, What is NLP?

So, What is NLP?  


As an NLP Life Coach I am often asked what is NLP, and for many people they struggle to answer this question because NLP and has moved in to so many directions and the techniques are evolving all the time. Researchers in NLP are finding new and quicker ways to help people. But the key and history to NLP is modelling.

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NLP was based on modelling, Bandler and Grinder wanted to know how people were successful, not just the actions they took but how they processed the world internally. They searched out the best hypnotherapist, communicators and athletes and question them to find out why they were so successful, once armed with this knowledge they shown other less successful people the strategy to get the same results as the people they modelled.

Bandler famously says that instead of studying phobic’s as many people had done in the past, he wanted to study people who use to be phobic , but for some reason whey weren’t anymore. He put an advert in the paper, saying that he would pay to talk to people who had overcome a phobia, he didn’t think he would get much response and was surprised with the amount of people who had cured themselves and answered his advert.

He modelled the cured phobics, and found out what made them switch from being scared of their phobia to not being bothered. And most of the told him that just had enough, it got to the point where they were sick of being phobic and changed. He went one step further and found out how they changed internally.

Commonly, when people were phobic they would visualise their phobia (we use a spider for this example) from their perspective; they would see the spider from their eyes as if the spider was right in front of them, right now, this strong visualisation increased their anxiety feeding the phobia. Where as the post-phobics would see the spider differently, they would see themselves looking at the spider rather then seeing the spider from their own eyes and the spider from this second perspective, the spider would look a lot smaller and the persons anxiety would dwindle.

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