The 50 Best NLP Training Videos

The 50 Best NLP Training Videos 


We have put together a top 50 list of NLP training videos, for NLP-ers to boost their skills and for people interested in NLP to learn the amazing techniques to make long lasting changes. Please feel free to add links to other NLP training videos in the comments box below, and to vote for your favourite video and NLP trainer.

The videos are in no particular order  we have just added the recommendation from my NLP network. *Thank you to everyone who shared links and gave recommendations for this article.

50 NLP Videos Recommend by the NLP Community 


Video 1. Richard Bandler Handshake Induction 

Video 2. Chris Delaney Embedded Commands 

Video 3. Jamie Smart – Simple Deletions 

Video 4. NLP Eye Patterns 

Video 5. Magic Words of Persuasion 

Video 6. Tony Robins – Training with NLP

Video 7. Jamie Smart – Reframing

Video 8. Timeline Therapy with Ian McDermott 

Video 9. Richard Bandler – Overcoming Bad Memories 

Video 10. NLP Sliding Anchors

Video 11. 6 Step Reframe 

Video 12. Get Rid of Stress 

Video 13. Employment King – Pain and Pleasure Motivation 

Video 14. John Grinder – What is NLP? 

Video 15. Verbal Pattern Interrupt – how to control a girls mind 

Video 16. Richard Bandler – Trancing in and out 

Video 17. Use Your Vocal Power to Create Credibility

Video 18. Young Anthony Robbins – SWISH Pattern 

Video 19. Deletions, Distortions and Generalisations

Video 20. World of NLP – Model Operators 

Video 21. Fast Phobia Cure 

Video 22. Flying Phobia Cured in 7 Minutes 

Video 23. NLP Nested Loops Richard Bandler 

Video 24. The Pizza Walk – Eliminating Hesitation with Nested Loops 

Video 25. NLP Frames and Positions Michael Watson

Video 26. Perceptual Positions 

Video 27. John Grinder – Working With Alcoholism

Video 28. 4 Pillars of NLP

Video 29. NLP Strategy Elicitation Part One

Video 30. NLP Strategy Elicitation Part Two

Video 31. NLP Meta Programmes 

Video 32. Clean Language 

Video 33. Tony Nutley – Well Formed Outcomes

Video 34. John Grinder Modelling

Video 35. Michael Carroll – Metaphors 

Video 36. Logical Levels

Video 37. NLP Mastering Your Emotions

Video 38. Submodality Monkey 

Video 39. Milton Model Double Binds

Video 40. Changing Limiting Beliefs

Video 41. NLP Rapport 

Video 42. Andrew T Austin – Weight Loss

Video 43. NLP Collapsing Anchors

Video 44. Tony Robbins – Reboot Your Life

Video 45. Richard Bandler – What You Need In Your Life To Be Happy 

Video 46. Pacing and Leading 

Video 47. VAK

Video 48. NLP Fun Exercise – Perspectives

Video 49. Jamie Smart – Because 

Video 50. Chris Delaney – Being Seen as a Success 

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