Using NLP Logical Levels to Achieve your Job Goal

Using NLP Logical Levels to Achieve your Job Goal

What do you want to achieve in your career? Is your current position and company helping you achieve your goal? If not, you need to look at what is missing, why you are experiencing a difficulty  or what you can improve to help align the different levels of your position to help you achieve your overall outcome.

For some, making changes in your identity, belief and values can give you the resources to achieve your career outcome, others may need to change their environment, this change can be as small as moving your desk, office or a bigger change such as your place of work. Changes can be made at all levels or just in one or two.

By answering the logical level questions you will soon gain a better knowledge and understanding of how you can make changes to achieve your goals.

The 6 NLP Logical Levels:                                                                               

Environment              – Where, When and With Whom?                                 

Behaviour                    – What are you doing?

Capabilities                 – How do you do that? How would you do that?

Beliefs and Values     – Why do you want that? Why is that important to you?

Identity                         – Who are you? Who were you?  Who do you want to be?

Spirituality                  – What for, or for Whom?

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Step 1;           

What is your goal? If you have answered using an “away from” answer, example “to get out of my current company” re-word this to a “positive-towards goal” example “I want to work for an ethical company” write down your goal.

Answer each logical level in turn; first answer each set of questions thinking about your current role and situation, you will find it useful to record your answers.

Before moving to the next step, re-answer the same questions as if you were working in your ideal job role (this can be a new position in a new company or working in your current company, imagining that the job role and company was at its best) really imagine yourself enjoying your job role, see yourself there now, loving each working day. What can you see and hear? How does this feel? Write these answers down on a second piece of paper.

Step 2;            Environment                                                                       

How does your working environment affect your goal?

What are your external opportunities or constraints?

Where do you work best?

What kind of people do you like to have around you in your workplace?            

Where are your resources?

Where do you gain support from?

How does your working environment make you feel?                                  

Step 3.                        Behaviours                                                                     

What specifically do you do in your working day?

What do you do that makes work fun and interesting?                               

How do your behaviours affect your goal?

While at work, do you find yourself saying habitually? 

Can you see any patterns?                                                                                     

If I was you, what would I be doing?                                                                         

Do your actions fit in with your sense of who you are?

What do you sound like?                                                                                              

Step 4.                        Capabilities                                                                         

What skills, competency and knowledge do you have?                            

What skills have you learnt that you are proud of?                                               

What would people who know you well say you are good at?                  

Do you know someone who has the skills you’d like to have?                 

How do you know you are effective?                                                              

Is anything stopping you being your best?                                                    

Step 5.            Beliefs and Values                                                                        

 What do you believe and value?

Why do you believe and value that? 

What factors are important to you in your working situation?

What do you believe to be right and wrong?

What has to be true for you to get what you want?

What are your beliefs about your working situations? Are they helpful?

What beliefs might be help me you get better results?                                  

Step 6.                        Identity                                                                              

What is the definition of who you are and what you stand for?              

What kind of person are you?                                                                                    

How is what you are experiencing an expression of who you are?             

How would you describe yourself in work?                                                        

How would others describe you?                                                                             

Step 7.            Spirituality                                                                                      

What is your meaning in life?

For what reason are you here?

What would you like your contribution to be to others?

 How would you like to be remembered when you’re gone?

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Now, compare your answers from both your current job role and your possible future job position.                                                       

What have you noticed?

What is different between your current job role list and your future job role list?

What can you change in your current situation to turn this into your ideal situation?

Have your beliefs or values changed?

Would it be helpful to change any of your belief, values or identity?

What Step (or logical level) did you find most interesting?

Do you feel more positive now that you have completed this exercise?

What small or large changes will you make to help you achieve your goal and outcome?

If you could take one piece of learning that would help you achieve your goal, from this exercise, what would it be?

What will you do differently tomorrow?                                                            

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