Using NLP to Reduce your Negativity before an Interview

Using NLP to Reduce your Negativity before an Interview


You’re getting ready for your interview, feeling good then all of a sudden a voice in your head says “Your rubbish, you won’t pass this interview” or “how did you get an interview? You can’t even do this job”

Automatically this inner negative voice makes you feel like rubbish, the fear soon follows as your stomach feels like a great big dark hole. You start asking yourself “should I even bother attending this interview?”




Does this sound common to you? If it does, the following exercise will quickly and efficiently change how the inner voice affects you.

First you need to be aware that when we hear a voice in our head or as we create an image in our mind, the image or voice automatically creates a feeling; a negative voice or image creates a negative feeling and a positive voice or image creates a positive feeling.

Try it now; think of your last holiday, create an image of this picture and make it big and bright – if you feel good, your image was probably a positive image of your holiday, remembering all the good times, if you feel sad or negative the picture you can see probably resembles all the negative stuff that happened on your holiday.

How to get rid of your negative voice before an interview:


You may find it helpful to first read the exercise before trying it.

Let’s go back to the voice, recall this negative voice and as you hear the voice (this voice needs to sound like your voice, there is a different technique for a voice that sounds like someone else’s) notice, where the voice is? Is it on the left or the right hand side of your head? In the front or the back of your mind?

How loud is the voice? Normal, softer or louder – become aware of what make this voice negative?

If you could turn this voice into a shape, what shape would it be? A square, Triangle, Circle or any other shape? What shape is your voice? If you can’t turn the voice into a shape, imagine you were someone who could turn the voice into a shape – what is your shape is your voice?

What colour is your shape? Is the shape in the same place the voice was?

Slowly move the shape away from your head, down towards your shoulder, how does it feel now – most say it feels less powerful, amazing hey?

Allow the shape to move from your shoulder down your arm towards your elbow, how does it feel now, is the negative emotion vanishing? Yes?

Let the shape, continue further down from your elbow to your hand, notice how your negative emotions losses strength the future down the shape go’s, move the shape to your leg, at its own speed allow the shape to drop down from your leg to your knee – how does it feel now? Less powerful?

Move it from your knee to your foot, is the negative feeling vanishing?  With the shape on your foot, how do you feel, more positive?

Finally allow the shape to fall onto the floor – what do you want to do to the shape? Kick it away? Stamp on it? Put it under your chair?

Move the shape so you can’t see it, now how do you feel, have all the negative emotions vanished? Most said they vanished along time ago. How easy and amazing is this exercise?

  • Try this exercise 3 times and notice how it get’s easier and quicker to remove the negative voice each time you try it.


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