What Confident Public Speakers Do?

What Confident Public Speakers Do? 


The fear of delivering presentations is one of the biggest phobias people have along with spiders and heights. As with all phobias they can be easily overcome.

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For public speaking phobias, I use an NLP technique. In this technique you ask the phobic about what they visualise before they go on stage, this image they create is always a negative version of what could happen (the public speaking going really bad) I then ask them to imagine that they were amazing at public speaking, I get them to visualise them being fun and interesting throughout the presentation.

I then get them to re-think about the negative image and to shrink the size of the image down to a stamp, at the same time I get them to increase the positive image making it big and Hugh. They do this very quickly about ten times. Afterwards when they think about public speaking they will automatically think about the positive image, which makes them feel good and confident.

Even more importantly, I have noticed that good speakers will practice their presentation over and over again, some times out loud or in their mind, but they all practice. When I question phobic’s, they don’t even think about the presentation, preferring not to think about the forthcoming negative experience. This is really common. On the day of the presentation, due to nerves and the lack of practice which increases the nerves, they feel their phobia more intensely which is some cases stops the person from even presenting.

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