Employment King delivers group sessions to Careers Advisors, designed to improve the advisors wide range of skills to help motivate the unmotivated. The session we deliver use a mixture of NLP, Life Coaching, Solution-Focused and IAG techniques.

Session can be tailored made for individual companies for more information e-mail

How to motivate the unmotivated

learn how clients’ minds and emotions work together and how by changing their submodalities you can change their motivation.

Positive questioning

language does make a difference, learn how to hear what a client says rather then just listening to the client. By understanding the client’s motivational language you can use certain words to influence your clients to help themselves to move forward.

Try something different

If you want a different result, do something different. By using games and activities in group work and on a one to one session you can give advice and guidance in a fun and interactive way.