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Our members have been telling us how 2011 has been, financially a hard year, you have read or even experienced an increase in redundancies in 2010 and 2011 as small and medium companies close, as well as big public service cuts which has already lead to an increase in unemployment with more to come, which means more competition for less jobs and I would add the people who best match the job specification and should secure job offers easily do not always pass the job interview which means the interviewees who know the secrets of passing interviewees gain more job offers. We have also heard that some of the new advertised positions salaries do not match that of previous and equal roles – were doing the same job for less money!

To help, Employment King are giving away a limited number of £10 vouchers for The Secrets of Employment E-Book in the month of February, as well as an additional FREE E-Book for the first 100 users.

This offer is for Employment King members only, as you can see on this link the e-book is still on sale for £14.99 http://www.employmentking.co.uk/secrets.html

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To access your voucher, e-mail info@employmentking.co.uk your personal voucher code and a one line complement or suggestion for any of Employment Kings Products, Services or Website/Blog

Get your £10 Voucher Today – Buy the Secrets of Employment and receive a FREE CV Pack; CV templates, Example job descriptions, Example Job Profiles and Example Interest Paragraph and for the first 100 downloads will also receive a FREE Copy of “Tricky Questions, Killer Answers-over 60 Interview Questions and Answers”

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