Can a Blogger Really Manipulate the National Media for Personal Gain?




Ryan Holiday a 25 year old self styled media manipulator has been manipulating the media for personal gain and his new book ‘trust me I’m lying’ can teach you the dark secrets of media manipulation.

The Newspapers Can Control Governments, But Bloggers Can Control The Media

He is a liar! But his lies are always printed on small blogs to national TV broadcasters and all because he wants to get his brand or his customer products in the media and there is nothing he wouldn’t do or is there?

This internet wizard has been getting bloggers and online newspapers to print what he writes for years, because these days journalist need lots of stories and they need them now with some printing Holidays stores word for word, without evening checking the credibility of what he writes.

Imagine you could write a creative story with a unique angle send it to a few blogs and watch it grow into a national story, how much money would this technique earn you?

Start Small End Big (Big Profits)

“I knew that bloggers would print anything, so I thought, what if, as an experiment, I tried to prove that they will literally print anything?” Holiday says. “Instead of trying to get press to benefit myself, I just wanted to get any press for any reason as a joke.”

Lying to journalists is nothing new, as you will find out In Ryan’s new book. People have swindled newspapers for free publicity long before tools like HARO (as tool Holiday advises people to use in his new book) even existed. Holiday is highlighting just how easy it can be in 2012 to manipulate the media with real life stories of how a blogger even got the media to make a politician retire!

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