How to Gain a Job Promotion

Once you gain employment, its time to think about your next step up the career a ladder – A Job Promotion.

To be successful in your career, you need to aim high to help get away from low level jobs. We already know that the future employers in the UK will be looking for highly skilled individuals and a job promotion is one way to gain these skills.

The ideal job role is a position that challenges you (to stop you from being bored) in a job role that is inline with your values and beliefs – this helps you feel that you personally are achieving something you believe in.

How to gain a job promotion:                                                                                            

Personal Resources

First, look back at your career, then look where you are now. What have you achieved to gain your current position? What skills and qualities do you already possess? Which of these skills have you used to move this far forward with your career? Can any of these skills help you gain a promotion? Are there any weaknesses that you need to improve? What resources do you have around you to help you overcome these weaknesses? What else do you need to do before you gain a promotion?

We all have the resources inside us and these IAG questions will help you unlock your personal resources and the answers you need to help you gain a promotion.

Do You Want a Promotion?

Before achieving a promotion, you need to decide if a promotion is for you! What job role do you really want? Be clear; think about the duties and responsibility you are looking for. If you were promoted now how would it feel? Would you like this new role? Are you looking for a promotion up the career ladder or a side promotion to a different department? You may enjoy your current role, but would you enjoy the new role and responsibilities that will come with your promotion?

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Make a Visual Action Plan

Write down your goal at the top of a piece of paper, make this big and draw a coloured star around it. Draw a thick 2 line path from the bottom of the page to the star, this can be straight or curved, add 9 horizontal lines to the path, making the path look like it has 9 large paving stones.

On these paving stones, starting with the one at the bottom at the page, write or draw the steps you need to take to reach your goal – your promotion. This is your personal promotion action plan, put as much or as little detail on as you want, the main part is having a written action plan that we can look at each day, as research will often show that we are more likely to achieve what we write down.

Let Others Know

Now you have direction and a plan to follow, you will know if you’re ready for a promotion now, or if there is something to develop before you gain a promotion. Once you are ready, let other people, including your manager, know that you are looking for a promotion. Be ready to back up why you are ready for a promotion with your knowledge, skills, attitude, determination and positive actions.  In some cases you will have to convince people several times that you are ready for a promotion; take any criticism as an opportunity to learn.

Learn how to  use communication to influence others       

Take Pride in Your Job

Some employees gain promotions quickly in any company they work for, why? Most take pride in their work, when given a task they will be positive, creative and look at how they can complete their task, and then they will check to see if anything could go wrong or be improved before completing the task.

Be your best at work-everyday! Complete all tasks, no mater how small with equal passion and enthusiasm. Believe in yourself, believe in the job role, promote passion and hard work and never give up.

Embrace a Challenge

As your manger see’s this new positive you, they may test your ability by giving you more changing task; the best way to test if someone is ready for a promotion is to see if they can complete a task that they would be given in their new role. Don’t see any additional task as a chore or more work.

Embrace the challenge, manage your work and make an effort to complete the task before the given deadline. Don’t tell others about your additional work, they don’t care! Make every effort to prove yourself, this could be the difference between gaining a promotion or not.

If you have not been asked to take on additional work, ask for it! Look at the problems your company is having, solve them and take the answer to your manager – employers like people who come with solutions not problems.

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Act like you have been promoted

Start taking on some additional responsibility and tasks that you would do once you gain a promotion. Become the expert and give advice and support to others, think about your comments at meetings and how you word your e-mails; communicate like you would once you gain a promotion.

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