Priceless The Hidden Psychology of Value by William Poundstone

A new fantastic book has been released by William Poundstone; Priceless The Hidden Psychology of Value. This book will teach you what the retailers don’t want you to know. Priceless explains the psychology retailers use to make money; using the magic Number 9 (Only £2.99), where to record dishes on a menu and how we compare cost – all these hidden psychology techniques that retailers use WILL SAVE YOU MONEY.

Why do text messages cost money while e-mails are free? Why do cereal packets keep getting smaller? Why do supermarkets have one or two extortionate goods that know one will buy? This book reveals the tricks that companies use to sell YOU their goods, an indispensable book for anyone who buys, sells or negotiates.

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This book is a must read, the book should cost £12.99 but for this weeks discount click here

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