Take a Side Step, To Step Up

Take a Side Step, To Step Up


With advances in technology and global competition, job sectors are changing at a rapid pace, requiring organisations to look at new innovative ways at working. This also includes businesses looking at new sources of income through offering new products, services and diversifying their market.


For some employees new changes can be hard to initiate but for the clever professional looking at lateral career advancement, gaining that all important promotion quicker then could be expected. The following steps will allow you to advance your career by simply embracing the new changes in your organisation and job sector.



Let Others Know Your Expertise


As you hear about the new initiatives in your industry, you need to quickly become an expert these developments, from offering anew service and understanding the market for a new product. A couple of days searching on the internet and researching in the library can give you enough knowledge to sound like you have the expertise to gain a job offer.  Embrace the new changes as the rumours spread about the forthcoming changes and let us know about your expertise on this new development. With office gossip the key communication tool in most organisations, your expertise will soon be known to the senior management, if not during your next meeting let them know.



Take On Extra Responsibility


Offer advice, give feedback and research this new initiative and make accurate predictions, soon your senior management team will be coming to you first for advice.  Take pride in your work and knowledge and keep researching and building up your own expertise, don’t fall into the trap off dumbing down your new found wisdom even when other colleagues on your level start talking behind your back, as this is a sign that your hard work is coming to fruition, as competitive employees will be jealous of your new found status in the company.


Acted as if You Been Promoted


With people at all levels asking for your opinion on how to take advantage of their new initiative, you have come, in the eyes of the organisation a powerful asset. This last stage is simple, just start to act as if you have been promoted to the position you require; complete additional task, analysis statistics and make predictions, research competition and market trends. Set up meetings to discuss your new founding’s and offer a detailed plan of action. When your ideas have been agreed, offer to take charge, give additional insights and give them suitable names of employees that you will need as part of your team. With this agreed offer to brief them and start to implement the action plan, in this way you are seen as the project manager. As your hard work starts to increase income you can approach your line manager for a well deserved pay rise.


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