Secrets of Employment

Secrets of Employment

We would like to share our expertise with you, helping you secure more job offers – today you can instantly download 3 employment e-books designed to give you the best chance of achieving your career goal.

Secrets of Employment

The Secrets of Employment a guide to job searching, covering all aspects of the job application process, from Choosing a Career to Passing Job Interviews, including a FREE CV Template Pack – designed to help you create your own CV in Minutes.

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So, you get an interview, this is the job you want, you dont get it, you feel depressed, you think you will never again gain a job offer - This will change.

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The Secrets of Employment E-BOOK, is only for people who are serious about looking for work.

Its no big secret were living in some of the most difficult and stressful times weve seen in years and job market is full of competition. With the number of jobs available decreasing and unemployment rising it is getting harder and harder to find employment, isn't it?

Learn How to Secure Employment

  • Match Your Personality to a New Career - Find a Job You will Love.
  • Find Hidden Jobs and Learn The Secrets to Internet Job Searching
  • Create a CV in 15 minutes that will Win You More Job Interviews.
  • Free Cover and Speculative Letter templates.
  • Learn how to Effectively Complete Application Forms and How to Write Amazing Personal Statements.
  • Telephone Confidence Techniques and 10 Answers to 10 Interview Questions.
  • How to Pass Every Job Interviews, Learn the Inside Tricks.
  • Learn How to Impress the Interviewer and Learn the Answers to Tricky Interview Questions.

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How can we help you gain the job you deserve?

  • Find the Career that is right for you
  • Create a CV and Cover Letter that will SELL you
  • Learn how to successfully complete Application Forms
  • Overcome fears of telephone interviews
  • Learn the secrets of interviews, including the answers to the most common asked interview questions
  • Gain Instant confidence at interviews and learn how to keep that motivation

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The only reason we entered our careers, is to help others, this is why we each get up every morning, this is where we get our Buzz from, and we want to HELP YOU too.

We have put all of our experience and expertise in one book to help you gain the job you want. Also we have met hundreds of people who have paid up to £300 for a professional CV that does not work- Use the Free CV builder in this book and see the difference it makes.

But you dont just have to take my word for it, heres what our satisfied customers are saying

“A big thanks to you all, I bought this e-book to help me create a new, updated CV after having no success with my old one. After reading the book and completing the exercise I realised that I could do so much more and reviewed my attitude to work along with my CV! I have now brought up my wage packet with an £8,000 pay rise - Thanks again” James, Merseyside


“I really enjoyed the confidence building techniques and have used them before all my interviews, I feel like a changed women, gone are the days of stressing before an interview. Last week I was offered 3 positions in one week- I wouldnt have believed a few months ago that I would be turning down work!” Carol, Preston


“I bought the Secret of Employment book to read the sections on creating a CV. I was in a particularly bad situation as I was recently made redundant from my job after over 15 years and was starting from scratch again. It had been a long time since I had written a CV. Being able to copy and paste made it very easy for me create a detailed CV that I only had to tweak.” Rob, Manchester


“This (e-book) gave a great insight into interviews; the information on rapport building was excellent. Also I thought my CV was really good before I read the CV section, I have now re-written my CV.” Mark, Bolton


“Wow thanks a lot the confidence building exercise really worked, I use them in my personal life as well as for preparing for interviews - powerful stuffMichelle, Plymouth


The e-book is brilliant, it covers everything from job searching to interview techniques-the mind mapping for application forms and writing action plans really helped and was something I hadnt come across before” Sara, Blackpool


“I have been trawling through vacancies now for over 12 months and couldnt find any suitable jobs to apply for. After reading your e-book and completing the personality-job test I realised which career I really wanted to have and started to find these vacancies. I now have 2 interviews lined upPhilippa, Birmingham


“ I was pleasantly surprised at the level of depth in the interview section - it is really interesting and is definitely something that I will keep and come back to again and again. I hadnt really considered my body language and how this can affect an interview. The Interview questions and answer was really useful. I have recently made the first step towards my career goal as an accountant. Thank you very much for all your help” Gemma, Andover


“The personality type test helped me choice my career, before I really had no idea what I could do”Sam, Skelmersdale


So heres everything you get....

  • A personality type test matching your personality to a career.
  • Find out how to locate both advertised and none advertised jobs.
  • Create a CV in 15 minutes that will sell you.
  • Free Cover and Speculative Letter templates.
  • Learn how to effectively complete application forms.
  • Telephone techniques; learn the secrets and improve your confidence.
  • Learn the secrets of interviews, how to prepare and act during interviews.
  • Know how to answer tricky interview questions.

More importantly....

  • Learn how to gain instant confidence before an interview.
  • Keep yourself motivated by using a wide range of life coaching and NLP techniques.
  • Learn how to gain instant rapport with an interviewer.

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CV Secrets E-book

CV Writing Secrets the reason most job hunters can’t secure employment is due to a poorly designed and general CV. This CV Writing E-book will teach you the secrets to writing targeted CV that will guarantee you more job interview offers.

Does your CV secure you interviews?

If your CV fails to secure you job interviews, then you need to make some changes by learning the secrets to writing a successful CV.

For a short period, you can down load a FREE copy of the employment e-book: CLICK HERE; CV WRITING SECRETS.

Learn how to make your CV work for you, securing you more job interviews then ever before:

CV Writing Guide E-Book Content:

  • What Headings do you need on a CV?
  • How to Improve Your CV
  • Power Word’s
  • 10 Tips for a Perfect CV
  • Does Your CV Secure You Job Interviews?
  • What is a Targeted CV?
  • CV Templates
  • How to get rid of gap’s in your CV
  • Free CV Review
  • Web CV

This free offer will not last, if your CV does not do its job, securing you job interviews you will need to learn the secrets of CV writing. The good news is, these techniques are easy to learn.

Tricky Questions Killer Answers

Tricky Questions, Killer Answers this interview e-book will teach you how to prepare for job interview questions, with over 60 Interview Questions and Answers.

Over 60 Answers to over 60 Difficult Interview Questions

Are you sick of being turned down from jobs you know you can do? How much better would you perform at job interviews if you new the questions you will be asked and more importantly the answer you can give? This e-book will change the way you perform at job interviews for ever, with…

Over 60 of the most common asked interview questions and the powerful answers designed to secure you job offers
Discover how to prepare for interview questions
Learn how to highlight your strengths and how to sell these to the interviewer How to influence the interviewer from the opening question

So here is everything you get…

  • A breakdown of how to answer Interview Questions
  • Learn how to predict Interview Questions
  • How to match your Skills to the Job Specification
  • The Answers to Over 60 Tricky Interview Questions
  • A preview of The Secrets of Employment E-book

Want to Learn More? Your Next Step is to
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Also Available for FREE;

FREE 101 Interview Questions


Match Your Personality

to New Career Choices