Influencing Interview

Influencing the Interview

The 73 Rules of Influencing the Interview Using Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques


Have you ever felt depressed, defeated or even suicidal after another failed job interview? That sinking feeling that you can feel in your stomach after your latest rejection, destroying all hope of career advancement, weakening your resolve for future applications, destroying your job moral. Have you ever wished for a quick way to guarantee interview success, to secure offers of employment and to gain acknowledgement for your industry expertise – during every interview?


Persuading, influencing and manipulating the job interview through Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion, can Double Your Salary, even triple or quadruple your current wage.


Once you learn the dark arts of interview manipulation, you can turn your 45 minute interview into your greatest investment by becoming an expert in interview influence. After reading this book, you will apply for the positions you have always aspired to achieve and these positions always come with a higher income.


Imagine yourself at your next job interview, using these powerful techniques to turn your interviewer into a puppet to be controlled by you, using hypnotic language to command job offers, to increase your salary and to win you more job offers in companies that before you only dreamed of working for.


I agree these techniques come from the dark side of persuasion being used successfully throughout history by con-artist, courtiers at court, powerful business leaders, politicians, pick-up artist and master persuaders to gain influence, to win promotions, to get anything you desire.


Warning: the techniques you are about to learn are highly powerful and immoral, especially the Rule on turning other interviewees into nervous wrecks, but they will give you the upper hand in the job interview, winning you more job offers, increasing your salary, offering you career success.


What to do next?
To unlock the secrets of interview success click this link Now: Influencing the Interview Buy Now, as we have only produced a small number of these books as we don’t want everyone to know the secrets of interview influence and manipulation, as we want you to have the upper hand, we want you to stand out during the interview, we want you to destroy the competition leaving the employer only one choice – to employ you.

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