Interview Fails The 3 Reasons.

Interview Fails The 3 Reasons.


There is nothing more frustrating then being turn down for a job position that you know you will be highly successful at. Often to the employer’s loss, applicants are refused job offers due to there interview alone, not their ability in the workplace and in many cases it is because of 3 simple reasons.

Due to you find that you fail at job interviews? Do you attend numerous job interviews but never make the grade? Is your interview letting you down? If you are failing at the interview stage of the job application you are likely to falling into one or more of these three traps.


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God Complex.

Some job applicants know they are good at what they do and create their own god complex in the workplace. Past experiences has proven time and time again that they are the master of their industry, skilled in their sector and have the knowledge to know that will succeed whether they work. This god complex creates interview contempt, often leading to half stories, weak answers and a real lack of effort, because you know you can do this job…better then anyone else.

Knowledge is Power and in the workplace power creates profits, but the job interview is much more then recruiting the person with a particular expertise, as many interviewers want to recruit someone they like, someone who will fit in with the team and an employee who they can trust.

To be successful in the job interview you need to create likability and rapport. You need to build a platform of trust before you highlight your unique selling point. Without likeability your success will be shot down, answers that highlight your expertise will be un-believed, negatively distorted and discarded. Without likeability your interview will be likely to go limp.


Following the Crowd


Are you unique, an individual or do you follow the crowd? Employers are looking for those few employees that will make a real difference in the workplace, those with expert knowledge and a unique selling point. Why recruit you, if you can only do what ever other applicant can?

Your expertise, unique selling point, the reason of your success is what will get you the job offer. Throughout the job interview you need to give real examples of how you have gone above and beyond, highlight your sector expertise and explain in detail how you will increase profit, boost productivity and how only you alone can turn this business around.

You can give examples of past success, but in the main focus the interview, your answers on future successes. Discuss how you will implement new procedures and the outcome this will achieve. Give an insight into your expertise by sharing ideas and suggestions. Have a plan of what you will do once recruited and share this with the employer. Make yourself valuable, become an asset they can’t live without, throughout the interview create an aura of power.


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Crippling Confidence

All powerful people ooze confidence as confidence is seen as power. A stuttering, head down, hand shaking, murmuring, quite interviewee will be perceived as weak and weak applicants don’t make the mark.  Experiences, successes and skills are weakened when delivered unconfidently. To be successful you have to be confident; confident in yourself, in your delivery, in your gestures and body language. Confident in your tone, your answers and confident in your ability to do the job.

Repetition increase confidence as you can unconsciously deliver answers to interview questions without having to think. Breathing deeply relaxes you and creates positive body language naturally. Preparation and practice is the key to interview confidence. There are many ways to be confident in the job interview, but if your nerves get the better of you then you can say goodbye to any decent job offer.

How To Be Successful in the Job Interview.

To win more job offers and to be offered a salary that meets your expectations you first need to be confident about your experience and skills, use breathing and mental imagery techniques to boost your confidence. Once confident use this confidence to increase likability with the employer. We all like people who are like us, find common ground and listen to what the interviewer has to say. With the employer eating out of your hand, seal the deal by discussing your unique selling point, talking about future successes and by being seen as a rare commodity that will increase profitability.


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