5 Career Paths You Never Considered

5 Career Paths You Never Considered



When asked which occupations are the most meaningful, many people say doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Since the American workforce is on the rise after a major recession in the last few years, several new career paths have emerged. If you are looking for an entry-level position or a job change, you should add these five career options to your list:


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With globalization and the recovery of the American economy after a financial crisis, international opportunities are increasingly attractive to many applicants. Positions such as flight attendants, ambassadors, and traveling nurses can work around the globe and see hundreds of destinations. If you are fluent in a foreign language, you might consider an international job that doubles as a world adventure.


Jewellery Designer:


If you have a knack for creating special jewellery, you can start your own business or join a team of designers. Accessories like necklaces and rings are in high demand for awards shows, meetings, and even the red carpet! Designing jewellery is one of the best career options because you may be able to work a flexible schedule and even open your own location. This job change can open doors to hundreds of other opportunities and let your career take off.






Millions of non-profit companies offer positions all around the world. Organizations like the American Red Cross and Doctors without Borders hire thousands of workers each year. Contrary to popular belief, non-profit careers are not unpaid positions. Employees can earn annual salaries comparable to those in other career paths, and these people often display increased happiness because they help others.



Resale Entrepreneur:


As an entrepreneur who buys and sells antiques or other items, you can work from home or open your own store in town. To launch your business, find a reliable wholesaler for clothing, home décor, or accessories. Research several online outlets where you can sell your products, including eBay, etsy, and Bonanza. Start listing your items or display them in your showroom and watch your bottom line grow!

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If you want to spend less money on gas and less time in traffic, consider a job change to freelancing. Websites like Freelancer and Elance connect contractors who work from home with clients for a variety of positions, including translating, animation, photography, and voice over work. Self-employed writers can also find a broad range of opportunities for children’s books, blog articles, science fiction novels, and news stories. Whatever your skills and interests may be, there are career options in freelance work that will suit your needs and passions.



You may not have thought about these five career paths in your search, but they are certainly viable options for a job change. Use these ideas as a starting point to create your own business plans. Remember, determination and patience will benefit you in whichever direction you choose to take your career.

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