Enrol In A Beauty School For Building A New Career

 Enrol In A Beauty School For Building A New Career


With the advent of new faces and choices in the world of beauty there are various career choices that have opened up for young people who are interested in the world of fashion. Fashion is an enthralling field of study. However to be successful in the world of fashion one must join a professional beauty school or a school of cosmetology.

Cosmetology is an exhilarating and gratifying career that points your attention on beauty in terms of nail care, skin care, hair care and beauty. There are various curriculums which are taught in a beauty school, but they vary from place to place. The fundamental things that are performed in every beauty school are different techniques of hair styling, hair cutting, make up and its applications and a lot more.


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Course material

A student is made to learn about the various ways to apply makeup, working on a client’s hair, skin, nails, and how to enhance her beauty with makeup. Along with practical classes there are classes which teach a student about cosmetology, and theories where a student is given demonstrations and classroom notes. After the final completion of the course each student is made to perform what she has learnt on real time clients which instructors over see.

All inclusive programs and instruction salons not only comprise essential hair cutting and styling but also focus on makeup artistry, aesthetics, nail technology, and skin care. There are various areas of specialisation in a beauty career which you can choose for a prospective and flourishing career ahead.

Education and course duration

In order to be cosmetologists one needs to be 16 years of age and has to have a degree of cosmetology and a state approved license to start a career. The license is obtained by qualifying for a state conducted exam. Degree and qualifications vary from state to state. An associate’s degree in cosmetology takes around 9 months to complete comprising of 500 hours of course work and practise as an intern in a good parlour. You also need to be very communicative and creative. You should be able to understand the clients’ requirements and your business.




After completion of the course you can either open up an own business or work in a reputed salon. As you become more and more experienced and start getting your own clients, your salary will be enhanced. The job of a cosmetologist is very rewarding as more and more people are getting conscious about their beauty and visiting salons for the same. As a flourishing cosmetologist you would earn something around 12$ s per hour.

A career in cosmetology is very lucrative and well paid. As one, you would enjoy spoiling your clients and then see them walking out with a smile. As a cosmetologist you would be able to delight variety of people at the same time and make a difference to their appearance. So enrol yourself in a beauty school and take the first step towards a flourishing career ahead of you.

Molly is an expert on women’s health and beauty. She is writing on behalf of Beaulaz Beauty & Laser training school


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