Thinking of the Most Exciting Career? Try the Automobile Industry

Thinking of the Most Exciting Career? Try the Automobile Industry


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If you are planning to join college, this must be a tricky time for you. You obviously have a dream job in mind but have you looked at the outlook of that industry? Well, you need to make a decision and a quick one at that because the current job market is capricious. The automobile industry should be top on your list because it offers myriad opportunities.




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Love Cars? This is your Job

The modern society is car-driven and there is no denying this. If you are a car enthusiast, you can capitalize on the global demand for automobiles to chart a successful and exciting career path. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) rates this industry among the top ten largest employers highlighting the latent opportunities.

However, that is not all this industry has to offer a graduate. Take a look at some of the other benefits you will enjoy:

  • Thrill and opportunities: Unlike most popular jobs, a career in the car industry allows you to be at the forefront of evolving auto technologies. Whether as a car restorer or an automotive technician, you get to feel and sample the best in the industry and this is more fulfilling than any paycheck.
  • Versatility: Do you love management but still love cars? Why not opt for a managerial position in an automobile manufacturer such as General Motors or even McLaren. This allows you to work closely with car technicians as they create machines from scratch. In short, there are limitless positions in the industry whatever job you have in mind.
  • Growth opportunities: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the industry in general will enjoy 17% growth between 2012 and 2020. With more demand for automobiles, the industry needs more experienced personnel than ever and this is where your skills come in handy.

There are many more benefits of working in this industry. For instance, you can educate yourself on automobiles and earn money part-time through blogging. There are always people looking for certified pre-owned cars and they need expert advice, which you can offer from the comfort of your house.


The Crème de la Crème in the Automobile Job Industry

Which is the best job in this vast industry? It all depends on what tickles your fancy. According to U.S News Money, some of the most popular and fulfilling opportunities in the industry include:

  • Auto service technicians: When your car conks, who do you look for? Of course, you will look for a reliable automotive technician in your area. There is no shortage of work for technicians because as cars get older there will be issues that need expert input.
  • Car designing and manufacture: There is a lot of demand for futuristic designs and higher quality cars. If you have a knack for design or manufacturing, this industry has myriad opportunities for you from electronics, graphics, design, and management to mention a few.
  • Car and auto parts sales: This is the best aspect of the industry and it offers you a chance to deal with every part of cars. Sale and installation of new parts offers limitless chances to get a good income and all you need are prerequisite skills.

There is much more in the industry; from racing to car show event management, you just have to identify what you love.

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Chris Costner has worked in the automobile industry for 17 years in different positions. Starting as an auto technician, he rose to managerial positions and today concentrates on helping shoppers pick the best certified pre-owned cars.



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