What You Need To Know About Building a Career as an Electrician or As a Carpenter

What You Need To Know About Building a Career as an Electrician or As a Carpenter


Two important careers you can build in the construction industry are either as an electrician or as a carpenter. Below are some of the useful things that you should generally know about starting or building a career in these two professions.


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 Career as an Electrician


  1. What the job entails


Most electricians choose to specialize between construction and maintenance jobs but at the end of the day, both skill sets will be useful to an electrician in general. Dealing with high voltage wiring as well as installing and maintaining data, voice and video wiring is also a part of this ever-evolving career.


A large percentage of electricians is self-employed and works in residential, industrial and commercial sites. Electricians like most other crucial service jobs, have to work full time, after normal work hours and even over the weekend.


While at the job, electricians don’t shy away from getting into little dirty spaces that are uncomfortable in order to get the job done and for this reason they are susceptible to minor injuries such as shocks, and scalding. This is the reason why it is important to take up a course that will instruct you on what you need to know. There are several electrician courses in London that you could take to help you avoid any injury or harm.


  1. Educational and training background


In order to be a skilled electrician, most people usually go through some sort of apprenticeship course on top of having some formal educational background. A good apprenticeship course requires a specific number of classroom and on the job hours in order to get accreditation to work in most well-paying electrician jobs. Such a course can take as long as four years to complete.


Career as a Carpenter


  1. What the job entails


Despite what most people think, a career as a carpenter doesn’t only involve knowing how to work with wood. You also need knowledge on working with other materials such as fiberglass, plastic and drywall. Being precisely able to follow specifications and blueprints is what distinguishes the good carpenters from the ordinary ones because of the quality of work that they are able to produce.


A carpenter should be able to assemble, build and repair structures and fixtures using the different materials mentioned above but especially with wood. Most carpenters find their careers in the construction industry where the jobs are full time and often require adherence to strict deadlines. There are many other carpenters who also find a career as self-employed craftsmen.


Being a carpenter can be a physically demanding job because you will need to be on your feet or on your knees throughout most of the day, and you will also need to lift heavy materials.


  1. Educational and training background


There are several ways to get into a career as a carpenter and most of them will involve some on the job apprenticeship and academic or classroom time. The options mainly include taking an apprenticeship course, a graduate course or a contractor’s on the job training.



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Susan S. Martinez has been a career counselor for the last 15 years. She recommends electrician courses in London and other practical skills to everyone she meets who wants to build confidence and skills that they can earn some money from. Visit her blog for more information.


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