I want a New Career

I Want a New Career 


So many employed career professionals want a new career but don’t really know how to go about getting one. The trouble is more many people they don’t know which job will best suit there skills, values and personality. Today I will share with you several coaching tools I use to help career professionals a new career.

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First you need to know about your career likes and dislikes. Make a list of all your Likes. Start by looking at everything you value and like in a perfect career; hours, pension, promotional opportunity, personal development, fulfilment, certain duties, working alone or within a team or money.  Once you have record these“wants” put them in order of importance.

Next List Your Don’t Want’s and Career Dislikes. These may include:  travel, working in a noisy environment, no personal developmental, a poor manager  a manager, etc.

Go through your list of dislikes and ask yourself, if I was offered a job with 3-5 of my wants and this one “don’t want” criteria would I accept the job offer? Ask this for all your “don’t want” criteria as this will let you know how important your Don’t Want criteria list is to you.

You now have a great idea about the ideal career you want. there are over 2000 possible careers available, don’t believe you cant find your perfect job. Search new job roles and match your likes and dislikes to the job specification, once you find a career that you will love, check that you meet the entry criteria. You may need to re-train or to gain some new relevant experience, all of this is worth to spend the rest of your working life in a career you will love.

If you need help choosing a new career e-mail info@employmentking.co.uk


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