What Happened To All The Career Advisor Jobs?

As you will already be aware with the cut in public spending, large contract holders such as Connexions (the largest career advisor recruiter in the UK) have slowed down their recruitment policy.

 New All-Age Career Service                                                                                   

This has lead to high competition for career advisor jobs in both public and the private sector. With schools, colleges and universities able to fund their own career advisors and the new government announcing the new all-age career service jobs are still available even with the public spending cuts and I would add competition is high especially for newly qualified careers advisors.

 Competition for Jobs

Fierce competition means that you need to understand what career companies are looking for in terms of skills and knowledge and how you can evidence that you possess these on your CV and how you can back this up with stories during a careers job interview.

As a career advice company with a background in careers advice in both the private and public sector, employment king understand what employers are looking and how your Career Advisor CV will pass the application process.

For newly trained careers advisors, I would highly recommend practicing your skills as a volunteer, there are many volunteering opportunities throughout the UK.

Career advisor interviews are often long processes with questions directed on your skills and experiences and a second section on your values, beliefs and personality. As a career advisor you will already understand the importance of self development and how meeting a professional careers advisor to discuss interview techniques will give you the upper hand.

To be offered a career advisor job in these testing times, you need to understand the job role, the contract you are applying for (as these vary massively throughout the company) and the skills needed for the job role.

Once you understand the employers requirements you can evidence you have what they require on your CV, Application form and during the Job Interview.

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