101 Coaching Tools and Techniques

Get 101 Coaching Tools and Techniques

From “The Coaching Business in a Box”


What Do You Get?


  • 101 Life Coaching Tools and Techniques 

  • 101 Life Coaching Questions 


PLUS to help you achieve business success as a life coach you will receive:


  • Google Destroyer E-Book

  • Business Start Up E-Book

  • The Expert Coach E-Book


coaching business in a box


Coaching Business in a Box

Are You Sick of Working for Others?

Is Your limited Salary Limiting Your Life?

Does Your Job Lack Satisfaction?




Coaching Business in Box


We are so confident that you will WANT TO BUY this product that we will give you 25 Life Coaching Tools and Techniques for FREE

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25 free coaching tools

Dear Future Coach,     You have already started to look at how you can become a life coach; you already know that you like to help people, that you get a big buzz from making a difference in people’s lives and the idea of working for yourself feels exciting, doesn’t it?   Well why not get paid for the thing you love to do and Start Up Your Own Life Coaching Business


Did you know that you don’t need any qualifications to become a coach? This means you can buy this package and starting coaching people from tomorrow…


Benefits of Being a Self Employed Life Coach:

  • Get paid for helping people achieve their goals
  • Become your own boss and work from home
  • Work the hours you want to work
  • Make a real difference in peoples lives
  • Work from home; full time or part time


You Could Have Booked Your First Coaching Client By This Time Tomorrow

  You may want a part time or full time business? You might be imagining working for yourself or having a second lucrative income? You may already know some life coaching techniques or you may be starting your journey to becoming a coach from scratch? You might want to help people or you might want to make lots of money?   I don’t know what has inspired you to become a Life Coach, but The Coaching Business in a Box will give you the tools and expertise to be one of the few highly successful coaches; You Will…


  • Learn the Secrets of Internet Marketing – increase hits to your website, double your referrals and make more money helping clients
  • Become a Specialist Coach – earn more money, increase your referrals to starts and become a world wide expert, and become a guest authors on coaching sites
  • Increase Your Coaching Tool Box – learn new techniques using NLP, Solution Focus and Life Coaching (Receive Over 101 Coaching Tools and 101 Coaching Questions); learn which exercise is the  best suited for each clients problem and have planned interventions (knowing what techniques suits which issue)
  • Receive World Famous Techniques; The Wheel of Life, Scaling, Breaking Limiting Beliefs, Vision Boards, Coaching Dairies, Learning Styles, Donut Exercise, Moving Images, Reducing Negative Self Talk…and many, many more.


The Coaching Business in a Box, will help you start your business from scratch and help current coaches make their business a success. Becoming a life coach is easy, the hard part is increasing your web presence, gaining ongoing referrals, and making money from your business. The Coaching Business in a Box gives you the tools to take your passion for helping others and turn it into a professional and profitable business:


  • Master Google – gain Google page one rankings in 15 minutes!! FACT – The higher up in Google you rank, the more clients referrals you will receive, increasing your profit
  • Get Quoted in National Newspapers and Blogs – this technique will not only highlight your expertise, it will also increase the amount of coaching clients who book you for a sessions
  • How to be Seen as an Expert – competition for clients is high, potential clients looking for a coach will only book and pay for experts; learn to be seen as an expert in the eyes of your clients


You will learn the techniques that I have developed and mastered over my career as an NLP Life Coach, Careers Advisor and Hypnotherapist, but more importantly I have made many costly mistakes that you don’t have, follow my instructions and get the same results I achieve NOW without having to initially lose money, learning from the mistakes I made as a new coach.


Did You Know?  


  • A coaching business has few overheads; this means you can start earning money without having to pay anything out
  • 90% of your earnings are profit; coaches earn a massive percentage of profit from each client
  • Booking a coach is on the rise; with an increase in sporting professionals and celebrities booking coaches, there has been an increase in public bookings across all coaching niches – are you missing out on potential clients?
  • You can work as a coach from your home; many coaches work from home, some coaches deliver face to face sessions, group sessions, telephone sessions, skype session or e-mail sessions
  • Many coaches make money through advertising on their website; companies pay popular websites for advertising space and you can make even more money selling peoples products as an affiliate




  • You Can Start Your Coaching Business Today; the coaching business in a box will give you the tools and knowledge to set your business up in one day
  • Rank on Google Page One in 15 Minutes; my expert internet marketing team has shared how to be seen at the top of Google within 15 minutes
  • Increase Your Coaching Tool Box; you will receive all my best coaching techniques allowing you to help all your clients


You will learn how to start a coaching business with little or no overheads, you become an expert in internet marketing and I will give you my best coaching techniques to help you become the best coach you can be.

What will you learn with the Coaching Business in a Box?

ü  You will learn how to start a coaching business with little or no overheads

ü  You will become an expert coach increasing your clients bookings

ü  You will learn how to make money while you sleep – YES make money by doing nothing!

ü  You will learn how to influence Google so your website ranks on the top of Google page one

ü  You will learn how to get popular newspapers, websites, publications and blogs to quote and link to you and your  website

ü  You will learn how to make the most out of your website, increasing hits, clients and revenue

ü  You will learn secret internet marketing techniques taken from the best of the internet marketers

ü  You will learn how to structure your coaching sessions

ü  You will learn over 101 innovative coaching techniques and tools + I will give 101 Coaching Questions for FREE

ü  You will master which techniques are best suited to which client issue

ü  You will understand the regulations around the coaching industry


FACT: There are some very good coaches out there that don’t make any money. To be a successful coach, you need to have a passion for helping which you already have and we will teach you how to market yourself, how to manipulate the internet, how to sell your services and how to make money.


3 Key Facts That Every Coach Needs to Know


  • Internet is King: You will only survive in this competitive field if you have a good internet presence
  • Expert coaches gain more referrals: once seen as an expert in your niche, will increase your client bookings because people trust experts
  • Having a list of techniques increases the amount of clients you can help: with 101 coaching techniques you will learn how to help a number of people with a wide range of barriers and problems


Before you Think about Buying this Package, first you need to know – What you will receive?


Business Start Up E-Book Was £59.99


Business Start Up

  • Understand how to turn Life Coaching in to a well paid Business
  • How to start a coaching business on the cheap
  • Get a website that you can edit, make money on and monitor hits for vertically free
  • Become a website marketer, learn how to make money on your website, how to create intrigue and how to be seen as a professional coach
  • Learn how to increase retention on your website
  • Master the art of creating a ‘list’ that you can e-mail on a regular basis to sell more products
  • Understand the coaching regulations that govern this industry
  • How to take payments online securely and cheaply


Google Destroyer E-Book Was £79.99

Google Destroyer

  • How to get free Google Ads
  • Learn the Hidden Secrets for Ranking on Google Page One
  • Master how to been seen on Google Page One for FREE
  • Understand the power of Back linking and Social Media
  • Become the King in your field of expertise
  • Increase your website hits, get more visitors and make more money
  • Rank on Google PAGE ONE in just 15 minutes
  • Learn how to manipulate Google with WordPress
  • Master Google Adwords increase conversions to sales
  • Learn the psychology of sales
  • Make money while you sleep with Google Adsends (No Work Involved)


The Expert Coach E-Book Was £59.99

 the expert coach

  • Be seen as an expert and triple your income
  • Master the little known secrets to get quoted in high ranking websites and well known magazines
  • Become a Niche within a Niche and increase your conversion rate
  • Get other bloggers to link to you increasing your traffic and profits
  • Let Google do the hard for for you
  • Exploit Facebook and Twitter to make more money


101 Coaching Techniques Was £199.99

 101 coaching techniques

  • 101 Coaching Techniques designed with your clients in mind. Including famous life coaching techniques such as The Wheel of Life, Image Boards, Do-nut Exercise and Changing Limiting Beliefs.
  • You will also learn techniques from other disciplines including NLP and Solution Focus Therapy.
  • I will also give you 101 Coaching Questions for FREE
  • You will learn Pre-session techniques to prepare your clients for their coaching session
  • And Homework sessions (post session task) to keep clients motivated and moving forward between sessions
  • OVER 160 Pages of Coaching Tools and Techniques


A successful Life coach armed with a list of techniques and an in-depth understanding of internet marketing can make hundreds, even thousands of pounds a day. Coaches often charged between £50-£180 per session. Expert coaches will often charge £300-£400 per session, and I will add this package will teach you how to become an expert coach quickly helping you increase your fees, making you more money and more successful.


Did You Know?


  • Most clients will book 4-5 coaching sessions with you ( X Sessions by Cost per Session = Profit)
  • Satisfied clients will often refer two friends, who once satisfied will also refer tow friends ( 3 Clients x 2 Referrals Each = 6 New Clients)
  • Coaches make 50% of their profits from selling becoming an affiliate or selling e-products on their websites, YES this means they make hundreds of pounds without having to lift a finger (by adding an affiliate banner to your website, you can earn 50% of a £2000 course)


Depending on the stage of your coaching business you can Buy one of 3 packages


Bronze Package

  ü  Ideal for life coaches who already have a coaching business, but you struggle to get paying clients and you have a limited knowledge of coaching techniques; you will learn how to get more client referrals, you will increase your paid starts which can only lead to an increase in your profits and you increase your knowledge of coaching techniques  

Silver Package

ü  For a Coach who is just starting out; learn how to set up your business from scratch. Create a coaching website, learn to master internet marketing, become a professional coach quickly, make money through coaching sessions and e-products, master Google and understand how to get one to page one Google with in minutes  

Gold Package

  ü  The Gold package is for the coach who wants to have everything set up for them; we will create your website for you and write the website content, we will embed your PayPal code so you can make money straight away. You will get everything above and more, rather then waste time creating your own business we will give you a business that is ready to go.


Full Breakdown






Business Start Up E-book




Google Destroyer E-book




The Expert Coach E-book




101 Coaching Sessions




101 Coaching Questions  Y



12 Skype Coaching Sessions with Chris Delaney


A word press coaching website URL



Website Content


12 month Unlimited e-mail with Chris Delaney  Y


5 Coaching Blog Articles



Coaching E-book that you can sell to your customers


Paypal Embedded into Your Site


Total Cost  £199  £699  £2499
Today’s Price  £99  £349 (Save £350)  £1249 Save (£1250)
You Have Saved  £100

Special Deal



ONLY £39.99


If you charge £80 per session and you only book 5 clients a week, that’s a total of £400 which means potentially you can be making a high profit within weeks of starting your business


YES that’s right; You Can Pay For This Package With Your Profits Within a Week of Purchasing This Amazing Offer


 coaching business in a box

Massive Discount Today



Half Price Sale – Save 50% If You Buy Today



Coaching Business in Box


WARNING – This Is a limited Offer Only


Once You Make Payment You Will be Sent Directly to a Thank You Page Where You Can Download Your E-Products Instantly

No Questions Asked, Simply Return the Product in 60 Days and We Will Refund Your Money in Full

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