5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Confidence Each Morning

5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Confidence Each Morning


Everyday people are waking up feeling down and depressed because they don’t have the Confidence to; speak up in meetings, to ask the person they fancy out on a date, to apply for that job they have always wanted and some people don’t have the confidence to try something new.

The question you need to ask yourself is “what would be different in my life if I felt more confident?”


By completing these 5 early morning confidence boosting exercise you can learn to feel more confident.


1. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself all the nice things you see, everyone has something good to say about their appearance – you may have a nice smile or beautiful eyes, today your make-up may make you look younger then you really are, you have brought a new necklaces that really suits you. It doesn’t matter what it is you like about yourself, what matters is that you realise there is something about you that you like.


2. Wear something nice, often people who don’t believe in themselves lose hope and don’t even make the effort in the way they look. Get rid of all your old, ugly and ill fitting clothes, go out and buy something new, put it on and admire how wonderful you look. When you look good you feel good.


3. Use positive self talk, each day write something down that is positive about your self or something positive you will do that day “I am a confident and beautiful person” or “I have the confidence to speak up in team meetings” repeat what you have wrote ten times out loud.


4. Visualise the day, positively. People with low self esteem often think about the coming day, visualising how negative it will be, how many mistakes they will make or what can go wrong and negative images make you feel negative. Move these pictures away and make a positive movie in your mind; imagine your day go as well as it possibly can, see yourself as a confident person and imagine only positive outcomes, as positive picture make you feel positive.


5. Ask yourself what you learnt yesterday and how can this help you today. People with low confidence will focus on their mistakes, but making a mistake is good as this is the best way to learn, the best way to move forward. Make a list of anything that went wrong the day before – you didn’t speak up when you should have done; you forgot to complete a certain task or didn’t give yourself enough time to make yourself look your best. Next think about what you could do different if the same situation was to come up again today, what could you do positively, how you can be more confident. You can then use this new learning to feel more confident about handling any situation.


By completing these 5 techniques on a daily basis you will start to feel more positive about yourself, which will lead you to acting more confidently in any situation – remember the key to learning is repetition.


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