Delete Negative Self Talk Prior to The Job Interview

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Delete Negative Self Talk Prior to the Job Interview 


Imagine that you wasn’t nervous, fearful, scared prior to the job interview. If you were more confident, how would this impact on the job interview outcome? If you truly believed in yourself how would this increase your ability to sell yourself in the job interview? If you could communicate with confidence would you increase your job offers?


The number one killer in the job interview is nervousness. This state of fear create negative self talk which turns fear into anxiety, ruining your chances of a successful job interview. Here is how to beat you job interview anxiety.


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Job Interview Fear


Everyone has an internal voice prior to the job interview. If your internal voice is like a devil in your head, telling you how rubbish you are, putting you down and making you feel worthless.


By killing this devil your head you can create the feeling of control.


Ask the devil what is his positive intent (everything your subconscious does has a positive intent)? Then ask what I can do to improve, develop and evolve? These questions create insight. Common answers include; practice your interview questions, improve your delivery style or attend a mock interview



Job Interview Fear


Take Control


Your mind is yours! You can take control and with control becomes power. When you hear the negative self talk about your forthcoming job interview, take notice of the voice tone, volume and diction. Repeat the message but this time change the volume, lower it and notice the difference in your emotional response. Turn the voice into the sound of a cartoon character and again notice how this changes how you feel.


By changing your internal voice you can easily change how you feel. You can even take this one step further and say positive affirmations using a confident, powerful internal dialog.



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Job Interview Fear


When you tell yourself you will fail the job interview, it feels like you are bullying yourself. Instead of taking your dinner money, your internal devil is taking your opportunities.


To increase confidence, imagine you can see the character who is stating this limiting belief. Often people will see a big overbearing, larger then life character. Juts looking at this figure makes you tremble with fear.


To take control. Pause this image. Then imagine shrinking the image in front of you, so it seems that you are standing above the person. Make the person smaller and smaller, until you feel more powerful.


The way you visualize your thoughts creates different perspectives, different emotional responses to the same situation – in this case the job interview.


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