How to Build Confidence

How to Build Confidence


Can you just Build Confidence? Do you find that in some circumstances you are extremely confident, maybe when your with friends and family or just when your with strangers you lack all motivation. For many this lack of confidence can come on when at work, performing on stage, giving presentations and talking to strangers.


Build Confidence


This quick technique, will highlight how easy it is to increase confidence in 5 easy steps. To increase your confidence book an NLP Confidence Coach session.

  1. Think of a time that you felt really confident, we all feel confident at one time or another, you may be confident at work, you may confident with your friends or maybe your confident at a daily task like brushing your teeth. What are you confident at? imagine you were confident right now, how does confidence feel to you?
  2. As you remember feeling confident, you will start to feel confident. Think about this confident feeling, where in your body does this feeling of confidence start from? In your stomach, in your feet, in your head? think about your feeling of confidence – where does the feeling start in your body?
  3. Imagine you could see your confident feeling, what colour is your feeling of confidence? make this feeling brighter and stronger
  4. Does your confident feeling, feel hot or cold? double the temperature of your confident feeling
  5. In what direction does your feeling spin in? When you feel confident the feeling will spin in one direction or enough, what direction does your spinning confident feeling spin in? spin it faster and faster
  6. How much more confident do you feel now?

This quick simple technique is one example of how you can feel more confident whenever you want to, I agree this technique is powerful, but what if you could access confidence anytime you needed it, how would that alter the future of your life? Find out with an NLP Life Coach

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