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I recently met a young lady named Michelle, who was waking up each morning feeling depressed and desperate, to the point where she had stopped going to work and stopped going out with her friends, she felt at the top of the downward spiral. Michelle told me she had no self belief and would often tell herself “I’m a horrid person who will fail at everything I try, people just don’t like me” it was this limiting belief that was stopping Michelle from moving forward with her life.




Do you ever feel like this, sad, lonely or depressed? Do you ever give yourself any negative self talk that’s stops you achieving your goals? I told Michelle about the wide range of help she could receive from counselling to life coaching, she replied I know a life coach can help me, but I can’t afford the hourly sessions!”




    • Ask yourself on a scale between1-10, with one representing your life is at an all time low and ten representing your life at its best; where on the scale would you place your life today?

    • Where on the scale do you want to be? Pick a number

    • What need to happen for you to move towards that higher number on the scale?




Because I know Life Coaching is value for money, I often ask myself “how much would you pay to have a more fulfilled life? What price would you pay to achieve your goals?” But, I have never thought about the people who need coaching sessions to make life changing decisions, but can’t afford one-to-one life coaching sessions.




Because I know anyone can achieve anything that they want to do, I gave myself a new goal how can I offer affordable life coaching sessions to people who want to make real changes but cant afford face to face coaching sessions” after first thinking about offering discounted session, I realised after a couple of discounted sessions the cost would still add up and then it hit me, people can coach themselves as long as they have the tools – as I coach myself everyday.




    • The interactive online coaching course will give you over 36 coaching sessions to put you back in control of your life

    • Interactive activities; Videos, Presentations, E-book and Audios





Coaching sessions often cost between £50-£500 a session and many people will want 4-5 life coaching sessions; there are many advantages from having face to face coaching sessions but you know there are disadvantages too; limited sessions which means limited techniques, you can achieve one goal with face to face coaching sessions, but you will have more than one goal throughout our life which means you can re-use the online coaching course as much as you want throughout your life



The big advantages of an online coaching course are:



    • Having access to a wider range of tools and life coaching techniques

    • You will have a mixture of coaching session styles; e-book activities, videos, presentations and audios

    • Imagine being able to reuse session and techniques that I will teach you, which limits the problem of forgetting what happened in a face-to-face session

    • The activities can be used again and again, building on top of your confidence and achievements

    • You can share the course with other people, getting real value for money (some people share the course which means they can share the cost)








The truth is, I can give you more tools, techniques and exercise to help you get away from the pain you feel about your current life and limiting beliefs and to help you achieve your goals, to be more successful and really believe in yourself, by offering the large online coaching course material which is full of MORE interactive activities than you would get from several face to face sessions.




    • Imagine you could build up your self esteem and confidence, picture yourself right now, achieving all your goals and making real changes to your life, make this image big and colourful. If you had the courage to make a life changing decisions now – what would be your first decision be to give you a better life? What changes would you make today? See yourself making these positive changes now.




By now, you know you want to make a change with your life which means you first have to make the decision to change – don’t just say I want a great life, you have to put yourself out there and change your life, you need to be committed, make the commitment now by ordering the online coaching course and I would add you need to use the techniques I will teach you that I use to get real results for my professional coaching clients .




    • We are only selling this course for a short period of time, to help people like you, who cant afford the cost of face-to-face coaching session – BUY NOW as this course will soon be taken off the market soon



It won’t always be easy, when you learnt to ride your bicycle for the first time, you probably fell off the bike a couple of times and then on a certain day it all came together you could ride the bike on your own, without the help of a parent holding the seat, remember how good it felt to be in control, to ride in any direction you wanted to? Coaching is the same; you will be given the tools to ride through your own life, after a couple of sessions, you will take the life stabilisers off your bike and feel free and in control of where you want to go. You might fall off the coaching bike but all you have to do is get up, brush the dirt of your pants and get back on the bike.




So, what do you get as part of this great deal?




    • Over 100 pages and 36 e-coaching sessions, including:

    • 25 e-coaching techniques

    • 5 videos

    • 8 audios

    • Over 3 presentations and audios

    • In addition you will receive an individual 12 page personality type e-book document

    • FREE BONUS – Phobia Removal Session




The online coaching course has been design using all the interactive successful techniques the most famous coach’s use and we have improved these techniques which means you will achieve your goals quicker than before. Let me ask you this, how will the online coaching course help you?




    • Learn how to be in control of your life

    • Make better decisions

    • Set yourself real goals and learn how to achieve them

    • Learn how to reduce negative self talk

    • Access instant confidence whenever you need to

    • Feel good about yourself everyday

    • Gain self belief

    • Eliminate phobia, fears and negative emotions

    • Truly understand yourself and become the best you can be




In addition you will:




    • Understand how your body and mind work as one

    • Discover how your minds filter information which leads to your decision making process and motivation strategy

    • Learn how your personality type can help you achieve your goals

    • Gain a coaching diary to monitor your progress and record your success




The online coaching course is completely interactive and will make a real difference in your life, if you continue to do what you have been doing for years you will carry on getting the same results, if you do something different you will get a different result. Ask yourself what can I do differently?




    • You can probably already think of hundreds of ways the online coaching course can help you succeed in your life, your career and your future




For a real change you need to complete all the online coaching course activities, don’t just read them and doing nothing, absorb the information, take onboard the lessons you are learning and enjoy the outcome to the new changes you are making. You can use the online coaching course to improve all areas of your life




    • Build new Confidence

    • Increase personal belief

    • Improve your career progression

    • Make better business deals

    • Enjoy longer lasting relationships

    • Have better health

    • Become stress free




Full Course breakdown

  • The Scales of Life – audio

  • Big Decisions, Big Changes
  • My Pain and My Pleasure
  • The Power of an Image
  • Wheel of life
  • Goal Setting
  • Life is on a Logical Level
  • Finding Happiness
  • Picture Plan – presentation
  • What Do You Like About Me?
  • Eliminatin Negative Voices – audio
  • Daily Diary
  • The Future You
  • Picture Confidence – audio
  • Picture Frame – audio
  • How We View the World
  • Changing your Beliefs
  • Miracle Question – audio
  • What are your Limiting Beliefs?
  • Reframing your Negative Beliefs – presentation
  • Life on a Timeline
  • Timeline – video
  • Timelines; Destroying Bad Decisions
  • Your Imagination – audio
  • Image Board
  • Is there a Positive Intent? – video
  • Are You Unconsciously Competent?
  • Donut; is the taste in the jam?
  • Dancing your Problems Away
  • Scaling
  • What’s Your Mission
  • Metaphor Story – audio
  • Success; where to find it
  • Your Personality; Faults and Gains
  • Commitment Card – presentation
  • Spinning – Video
  • Finding Role Models
  • Life from a Different View – Video
  • Spinning – Video
  • The Wheel Keeps Turning
  • Your Next New Goal
  • BONUS – Fast Phobia Removal Video

You will receive different segments of the e-course every couple of days throughout a 3 month period, giving you the time to complete the e-coaching activities and check what you have already learnt. We have purposefully not sent you the whole course in one go as the course content is massive and this would be an information overload, the course is sent to you in a certain order to keep building on the activities and the success they will bring, giving you time to take in all the new learning you are gaining.



What are our Customers Saying?


“To get straight to the point here, thanks a huge amount for the online coaching course” Barnaby – Greater Manchester


“Wow I Feel So Positive Now – Amazing Course” Phil – Manchester


    • What goals do you want to achieve within 3 months or sooner?

    • How much would you pay to feel confident and in control of your life?

    • What would be the best possible outcome from completing the online e-coaching course

    • What would you be missing out on if you didn’t buy this e-course today?

  • How would you feel is you missed this opportunity to change your life?


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