How To Create An Impressive Video Resume?

How To Create An Impressive Video Resume?


n today’s highly competitive job market, candidates are creating video resume for rapid employment. Anyone could easily record a video and upload it to the Internet to capture the attention of prospective employers. The video resume provides detail information about candidate’s skills and professional life experiences.

In this post, we are going to share tactics to create a video resume that will entice the reviewer. Here is how you can create a video resume:



Make Sure It’s Appropriate

As a jobseeker, you don’t just need to create instead you need to create one that will accomplish its relevant goals. If you’re applying for a position in the online media, then an appropriate video resume can play a key role to land you on the vacant position. Make sure to create a decent video resume that has the potential to make you qualify for an interview round.

Additionally, you should never send a video resume to a company who prefers the “old methods” of hiring because it might reduce your chances of getting the job.

Jot Down a Script

Don’t just make a video instead do some preparation to use this recruitment tool in the best way possible. For this, you will need to create a script that will allow you to answer all questions that doodles in the mind of recruiters.

By creating a boring or dull video, you are likely to create a negative impact in from of the reviewer. Therefore, create an interesting video that will cover all major points that will help you in the recruitment process.



Keep It Short

When it comes to create a video resume, a one-minute time duration is ideal. According to a report of recruitment magazine, video resume should be short, relevant and not more than two minutes.

Remember that recruiters watch your video for recruitment purpose only, therefore don’t add elements that will make it diverting. A short video will easily show off your personality and avoid elements that can reduce your chances of recruitment.


Be Professional

Don’t include your personal life stuff in your video resume as it’s a professional component. Dress appropriately as you do for an interview and maintain a professional environment as well. It’s really important to have a sophisticated background of shots and make sure it has enough lighting.

A professionally-developed video can boost your chances for employment. Therefore, use an HD camcorder to shoot your video so that you could express your qualities in a clear manner.


Add Creative Elements

Undeniably, a video resume is the great opportunity to showcase ones creative skills to the potential employer. Be creative, and come up with unique concepts to make a video that has the capacity to inspire any reviewer.

For example, you can wear professional attire in the video to inspire the recruiter. Don’t add too much creative stuff in your 2-minute video that will confuse the employer. Instead, add elements that will easily capture the attention of employers in a professional manner.

Share It in Your Circle

Once you prepared an innovative video resume then share it with your network. This is will allow you to get feedback so that you can make your video more powerful tool of recruitment. In addition, ask your friends to review your video, and suggest you ways to make it better.

Don’t share your video directly over the internet as it will go viral quickly and you will no longer have control to amend mistakes in it. Thus, take feedback from friends and family first then share the edited version in your professional network.

In the end, it could be stated now that the above information is appropriate for jobseekers who want to please their reviewers with video resumes. Share it in your network as well to help out others.

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