How to write a personal profile for a CV

How to write a personal profile for a CV


The personal profile on a CV is the first section of the CV the employer reads which means your profile has to be targeted for each position you apply for and must make you stand out from the crowd.

To write a profile for your CV, you first need to read the job specification. On the job specification will be a list of required skills and qualities; you need to relate to these essential criteria throughout the CV but especially in your profile.

 Start with a strong opening line

  • ·         With X years experience in XXX
  • ·         Highly qualified in XXX
  • ·         Possessing an excellent knowledge and understanding of XXX

Build on this initial opening line by recording how you added value to the organisation

  • ·         My ability to XXX resulted XXXX
  • ·         By XXXX I was able to achieve XXXXX
  • ·         With an excellent understanding of XXX allows me to XXX

Throughout the profile record a skill and the outcome this has as this shows the employer what you can bring to the organisation

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