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Study Stress

Do you become stressed easy when you are trying to study? If you do, your most likely using study techniques that are not your preference. Most people use the study techniques they were taught in school, if this does not work for you, you may want to change the way you study and instantly gain improvements.

Check Which Learning Preference you have (VKA) answer the following 3 questions:

When I need directions to somewhere I usually:                          


1. Look at a map                                               

2. Ask for directions                                                       

3. Follow my nose and maybe use a compass               

When I’m cooking a new dish, I would:                                             


1. Follow a written recipe                                      

2. Call a friend for an explanation                                

3. Give it a go, testing as I cook                                                

If I am teaching someone something new, I will:                                             


1. Write down instructions                                                  

2. Give them a verbal explanation                                               

 3. Show them first and then let them have a go                                      

If you picked mainly 1’s you are Visual                                                              

If you picked mainly 2’s you are Auditory

If you picked mainly 3’s you are Kinesthetic                                                 


AudioStudy Tips      


Explain the topic you are trying to learn to a friend

Read explanations and important facts out loud

Make up songs (Daft and crazy songs work best) to the study topic

Record and listen to lectures and sessions

When learning new information, discuss the topic and answers out loud

Say words in syllables

Make up and repeat rhymes to remember information

Join a study groups/book clubs

Write sequences out in sentence form and then read them out loud

Use audio CDs etc

Kinesthetic – Study Tips          

Hold the book in your hand while reading rather the on a table

Write notes while you are reading or talking

Sit near the front of the classroom to keep focused

Use a computer to reinforce learning by using the sense of touch

Write lists repeatedly

Use practical experience when possible

Stand up when giving explanations

Use rhythm and beats to memorize or explain information

Use gestures when giving explanations

Make models

Make and use flashcards (keep them in order)

 Use role-playing Associate feelings with information                                 

Visual – Study Tips                             

Take notes while listening to lectures and sessions

Use colour-coded highlighting

Create charts and diagrams that demonstrate key points

View any photographs or diagrams in your textbook

Use visual metaphors to associate information

Write explanations down

Make and use flashcards

Use illustrations

Use visual analogies to associate information

Watch videos/programmes specific to the course you are studying

Use guided imagery

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