3 Key Things You Must Remember About Job Interviews

3 Key Things You Must Remember About Job Interviews



I work with a lot of clients who fear the job interview


It is this anxiety that ruins their job interview performance, resulting in another, often less skilled, applicant receiving the job offer. Often it’s  not the best suited interviewee who is successful, rather its the person who impresses in the interview that receives the job offer.


In the job interview you need to be on your A-Game. There are 3 things that you must remember about the job interview, 3 things that will help you feel more at ease, increasing your interview confidence



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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It is rare that the interviewer is trained to interview


The first thing to remember about the job interview is that the interviewer is just as nervous as you are.


We become anxious when we are in unfamiliar territory. In most cases the job interviewer hasn’t been trained to interview applicants. Because they don’t want to be seen as weak, they will try to mask their nervousness in the interview itself. But by knowing that they are just as anxious as you are will help you feel more confident.


Due to the lack of interview experience for most interviewers, you need to ensure that they hear and record all your key selling points. Use repetition for this. Throughout the interview give several examples of using your key skill/selling point to make the point clear – if you hire me I will do X for you




Likability Influences 


People who have a likable personality or more likely to be offered the job


During the job interview you need to build rapport, find common ground and use intrigue and stories to create a likable and remember-able job interview. It simple isn’t good enough to have 10 years experience, the employer is looking for someone with experience but also someone they believe will fit well within the team and someone with good work ethic



Interview questions and answers


If you have it, say it

When  explaining what you can offer in terms of skills, qualities and experiences you need to state everything in detail.


So many failed interviewees skip over key criteria because they see it as an everyday task. It is these everyday task that the new employer require you to complete. Remember they don’t know, they have never meet you and they have no idea of what your daily task are.


The employer wants to hire someone who can hit the ground running. Explain all the daily task, and then add on your unique selling point


Most interviewers use a point system. If you say X, Y and Z you get full points. If you miss one out your points are reduced. The more you say the more they will know what you can bring to the team.

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