3 Things Not To Do After The Job Interview, Because It Will Stop You Getting The Job

3 Things Not To Do After The Job Interview, Because It Will Stop You Getting The Job



The job interview itself is hard, unnerving and scary.


The interview end, isn’t the end of it. Your actions now are just as important as your actions during the job interview. Don’t mess up your chances of a job offer but making one of these 3 simple mistakes



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.

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Post Job Interview Mistake 1


Don’t add the interviewer on social media.


It is easy to think “hey, lets add the interviewer on facebook, we could become friends, go for drinks…and you could offer me the job” This is the worst of mistakes.


Not only do people forget who they have on facebook and its this forgetfulness that will get you into trouble. You or even a friend may post a damaging photo of you on a night out. Even your friends opinions, which good be racist, sexist or plain rude can be associated with you.  A drunken night out could end you chatting on a public forum about the horrid interviewer, or your potential boss may see from your timeline that you are applying for a better job


Keep interviewers to the interview and your friends to facebook.



Post Job Interview Mistake 2


Waiting for the job offer


Most people are lazy. It takes most up to 3 months to even start applying for work “I will do it tomorrow “is the morning mantra. In worst, research has shown that on average an interviewee will spend only a total of 45 minutes preparing for the job interview – only 45 minutes for a task that could change your career and your life!!


Post job interview, the lazy interviewee will simply sit on their hands waiting for the job offer (that may never come) Never hold out for one job, apply for many, learn from interview mistakes, and practice, practice and practice.



Interview questions and answers


Post Job Interview Mistake 3


Pester the hiring manager


It can be good practice to send a post interview thank you email (not always the best advice) Some take this to another level, sending flowers, chocolates as well as 25+ emails. Not only will this make you look a bit creepy but will annoy the interviewer.


Be confident in your interview delivery.  The only post intervene task you should spend time on is your job interview self reflection and applying for new positions.


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