An Interview with the Author of The 73 Rules for Influencing the Interview

 An Interview with the Author of The 73 Rules for Influencing the Interview 

Hello Chris, and thank you for joining me today. I must say the title of your book is very intriguing, but before we discussed your new book can you tell our readers where are you from?

Hi, and thank you for inviting me down. I was born and bred in Manchester UK and still live their today.

And what is your background?

I have always been interested in helping people and my background is in employment training and careers advice. I get a real buzz from helping people make positive choices that can change their lives. In more recent years I have moved into the coaching and hypnotherapy industry.

That’s really interesting, do you have much success?

Yes, you know I surprise myself sometimes. I get clients who come in with a life long phobia and within an hour they are cured, it’s quite amazing really. I love to see their surprised faces when they look at a spider after the session and they don’t feel the need to run away.

And more recently you have written an interview book – the 73 rules for influencing the interview using psychology, nlp and hypnotic persuasion techniques. I really like the line hypnotic persuasion techniques. What does this book teach the reader?

The book is designed to give the interviewee the upper hand in the job interview, you will learn 73 new rules to gain more job offers. It’s not the general tips you normally read like “wear a smart suit” these tips are a bit outdated, this book will teach you how to use psychology to get the employer to like you, to want you and at the best to desire you.  

Are you saying you can actually hypnotise the interview using hypnotic persuasion techniques?

I don’t advice readers to pull out a gold watch and swing from side to side saying “employ me, employ me” but you can use certain words to get the interviewer to think about you in a certain way.

To get them to like you?

Well yes, but more then that you want the employer to imagine you being successful while working for them. This way the employer will get that gut feeling about you – they will want to hire you but they won’t know why.


OK so you can create desire and want?

Yes, you have to remember that most interviewers interview all day and they often forget who said what, but you can influence how they feel about you, so that when they re-read your name on the application list they remember thinking that you would really fit in, or that you were the one interviewee who would add value to the team.

So you can become needed?

More then that, these days the interviewee needs to become irresistible, make the employer believe that they have to hire you or they will miss out.

What if the interview, through first impressions doesn’t like you?

This is a big barrier for many nervous interviewees, the book using the fast phobia cure can boost the readers interview confidence and teaches the psychology of making a first impression..

The book will actually cure someone’s phobia of interviews?

Yes, that bits pretty easy. But even better you will learn how to reframe the interviewer opinion of you through the way you phrase your answer.

This all sounds fascinating, is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

Yes, I would say that the old saying is true that practice makes perfect don’t just read this book, practice the techniques before you attend the interview this way you will perform at your best.

It’s been fascinating talking to you, you remind me a little of Derren Brown. Can you tell our readers where they can buy the book from?

Thank you what a great compliment, I might have to grow a goatee! The book is available at all good books shops and on Amazon. Or on my company website 

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