How To Answer The 3 Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions



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How To Answer The 3 Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions


The job interview is easy!


I know, for most people a job interview is their worst nightmare…only because they haven’t predicted what will happen.


For most employers they don’t spend to much time creating a bespoke job interview process, instead they ask common asked interview questions. Some even google “10 interview questions to ask at a job interview”


For the interviewee, this is gold. You can use this employer laziness to predict the questions and prepare killer answers.


Below you see 3 of the most common asked interview questions that you are sure to face in your next job interview


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Common Asked Interview Question 1

“tell me about yourself”




Common Asked Interview Question 2

“what are your weaknesses?”

Interview questions and answers

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Common Asked Interview Question 3

“why did you leave your last job?”



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