Are You To Busy To Prepare For a Job Interview?

Are You To Busy To Prepare For a Job Interview?


You are offered a job interview for a position you really desire, you have 2 weeks to prepare yourself…two weeks later, with no preparation the day of your job interview has arrived. Why am I so busy? If I were less busy I could have prepared better


Busy people often find it hard to prepare for a job interview, but here is how you can swap busy to productive


Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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Busy vs Productive


There is a difference between having a busy life or a productive life….the big difference is, productive people get things done.



Are you busy or productive?
  • Busy people have lots of goals, productive people have priorities  
  • Busy people say yes to everyone, productive people way up the action against the required time 
  • Busy set long deadlines, productive people set short deadlines
  • Busy never finish anything, productive people finish one task before moving onto the next task
  • Busy people keep starting new task/goals, productive people are focused on what they are doing



To-Do List


How big is your to do list?


Even when you feel motivated having a list of a hundred tasks to complete will distract you, as you will always think about the next task.

Once your mind wanders from the current activity, you will lose focus, once you lose focus you will start a new task, thats results in getting nothing completed.


This is what happens when preparing for a job interview. You decide that your goal is to research the company, predict the interview questions, create creative job interview answers, choose what to wear, research the interviewer……


As you start one task, researching the company” you lose focus “this company looks professional, best think about my presentation…before you know you have your nose stuck in the wardrobe, with no or little research completed.


Productive people have a maximum of 3 task. Once they are completed they will pick 3 new task




Interview questions and answers


Don’t Say Yes


You have two weeks until your job interview – plenty of time (if you set short deadlines for each task – short deadlines are more motivational then long deadlines)


Someone ask you to do X, you think “Well its hard thinking of great job interview answers, so I will take a break complete X and then get back to it. When doing X someone ask you to do another task….it is easy to get distracted especially when you find your current task hard.


Even simply task like researching the company can have the same effect, but rather then someone else asking you to do X, you ask yourself. When researching the organisation, you find the image and name of the interviewer, you ask yourself “shall I google him?” before long you are reviewing his twitter feed, looking at his holiday pictures on face book,  researching his family history….by this time you have forgotten to research the company history


Productive people way up each task, how will this effect by goal (with a short term deadline) if it has a negative effect productive people say no (in a very polite manner, of course)



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