Do You Fall Into The Job Gap Trap

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Do You Fall Into The Job Gap Trap


In the job interview the job interviewer is looking for reasons why you compared to your competitors, shouldn’t be employed.

The key element when it comes to missing out on a job offer is mistrust. If the employer mistrusts you, you will never be in the running for a job offer. One situation that leads to mistrust is gaps in your employment history. If cant give a confident answer when asked “tell me about the gaps in your employment history?” then game over.

It is better to fill these gaps and hers 3 ways how to deal with employment gaps


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Employment Gaps


We are living in the age of the start up. These start up organisations often need help.


Offer your skills to new start-ups and record this on your application as a job. In the interview you can frame your answers, explaining  your job role, duties and skill set.


You can also go down the traditional route and volunteer. By having a job (voluntary or not) the employer will see you in a different light compared to an unemployed version of yourself.


Another alternative is to create a part time self employed business. This doesn’t have to be successful, rather use this to fill in the gaps in your employment history.





Turn the Tables 


When asked about employment gaps, many applicants stumble nervously around this subject. This only creates a weak perspective


Instead, turn around the tables. Don’t focus on your employment gap, rather discuss what you can offer. When answering this questions start by saying “during this time I learnt (add a skill) which I will use to (explain how this skill will add value to their organisation)


By flipping this answer on its head you get the employer to focus on your prospects.


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Delete the Gaps Altogether 


The reason you are asked about your employment gaps us because you added these gaps to your CV


Rather then adding months and years under your employment history, just add the years as this will delete any small periods of unemployment


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