How to Win at Job Interviews

Discover the 73 Rules for Influencing the Job Interview these are the most powerful techniques available to you the job interviewee


  • Discover How to use Psychology to turn the interviewer into your puppet – to be controlled and influenced by you
  • Uncover the dark secrets of Sales Psychology, turning your expertise into a desired product
  • Learn how easy it is to Hypnotise the employer with just a few well chosen words
  • Command job offers using NLP techniques designed to gain compliance, to build rapport and at the extreme to manipulate others
  • Mind read the employer – understand what makes them tick, create strong bonds and hear what the unconscious is saying


Dear Frustrated Job Hunters….

How does it make you feel, when you know you have the experience and skills to do the job you have just been interviewed for, only to be turned down yet again for a position you can do with your eyes closed? Do you get annoyed or frustrated, when you get that ‘sympathetic’ call saying “you only just missed out…but try again next year”

The Interview Myth 


  • Myth one – ‘300 applicants apply for every position’ This was true 10 years ago, these days around 2000 applicants apply for every advertised position 
  • Myth two – ‘The best person gets the job’ in reality the interviewer does miss out, because you don’t know how to sell yourself so the employer is forced to recruit a less talented but better interviewee 
  • Myth three – ‘there are no jobs’ A recent government paper stated that there are more jobs then unemployed people, but employers won’t recruit anyone, they will only employ you if you perform well at the interview 


What You Are About to Uncover Will Increase Your Career Success But these Techniques have been taken from the Dark side of Manipulation and Persuasion 



  • One simple trick to turn yourself into an irresistible product that every employer will want giving you the power to play organisations against each other
  • Amazing methods to eliminate any interviews fears and to turn every interview into your best performance, this way you are always seen at your best, impressing each and every interviewer
  • Create an aura of power, use hypnotic and NLP language to influence, control and manipulate the interview; interviewers will have a desire to recruit you but they won’t know why
  • Turn other interviewees into nervous wrecks by destroying the competition and turning yourself into an object of desire – the employer will only have one choice, to offer you the position 
  • Six sneaky interview tricks to give you the upper-hand over other interviewees while at the same creating a long lasting impression that can only highlight your positive characteristics
This book has been written by a Qualified Careers Advisor, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, he has put all of his knowledge, skills and over 10 years of experience supporting people like you into employment. He has taken the best from NLP, Psychology and Hypnotic Persuasion and made it relevant to the job interview. You will be armed with 73 rules to influence the interview.


Advanced Interview Techniques 

The book covers so much that we don’t have the time or space to record it all here. At the interview the successful interviewee who acts confidently, will come across as an expert in their industry or job role. You will possess the skills to read the employers, which gives you the power when knowing which line of answers is going to work best. The successful interviewee can build rapport, creating a strong bond from the initial handshake induction to the final question, throughout interview you will present your answers using the secret structure for interview answers that we have record in this book, ensuring the employer knows how you can add value to their organisation.


  • The Dark Side of Sales Psychology 
  • How to Be an Industry Expert
  • Commanding Confidence
  • Sneaky Interview Tricks
  • Mind Reading 
  • Persuasion through Personality
  • How to Present your Interview Answer and Presentation
  • The Interview Arrival  and First Impressions
  • Rapport – the key to success
  • Winning Job Interview Techniques

Imagine you could Learn the skills to win your next, how would this make you feel? If you had the power to influence your next interview outcome – what job would you apply for, one that is double or triple your current salary?

The book has been designed so it can be read in one day, which means if you buy this book today, by tomorrow you will already have the power to really influence others. The author has used a mixture of stories, anecdotes, step by step techniques and psychology experiments explained while embedding the 73 rules into your subconscious with minimum effect, to teach you how influence your next job interview.



  • To stop being conned and influence by sales people, marketing and advertisements – this alone will save you thousands each year
  • Gaining the confidence to ask out people you fancy, to deliver killer presentations or best man speeches 
  • Building stronger relationships with friends and family through a deep understanding of their personality
  • Understand what makes people tick and what motivates them; read body language and eye accessing cues 
  • Boost your ability communicate with anyone by gaining a deep knowledge of how individual people represent their world and how you use words that hit home – maximum influencing skills 

All this Power to Influence, Persuade and Manipulate Your Next Interview….. and anyone in any situation 

Before you decide you want to buy this book, this book does come with a warning. The techniques in this book are highly powerful and easy to learn, you will be mastering how to use hypnotic language patterns, you will have the skills mind read and a vast range of techniques to basicly get what is you want. When you buy this book today, you have to control your new power – use it for good not evil, as the techniques you want to uncover have been used throughout history by master influencers from Casanova to Derren Brown, by kings, politicians, pick up artist, courtiers, sales people and business leaders, which means these techniques will get you results.



  • Fast Phobia Cure
  • Eye Accessing Cues
  • Hypnosis – taking the interviewer into a light trance 
  • Hypnotic Language Patterns
  • Confidence Building Techniques 
  • Creating Your Success State
  • Understanding What The employer Desires 
  • Sales Psychology
  • Building Rapport 
  • Becoming an Industry Expert
  • Understanding Body language and Handshakes 
  • Creating a Compelling First Impression
  • Structuring your Interview Answers  
  • How to Turn the Interview Around
  • Re-framing Negative Opinions 
  • One to one Interviews, Group Interviews and Presentations
  • Memory Palace Technique to remember high numbers of facts and figures  
  • Creating a Memorable Performance
  • Modelling Success 
  • NLP Anchors
  • Predicting Interview Questions 
  • Changing Your limiting Beliefs
  • Energising the Interviewer 
  • Embedded Commands, Yes Sets and Double Binds (Hypnosis and NLP Milton Model Techniques)
  • Boosting Your Interview Performance… and so much more
You are probably already thinking about all the ways you can use the techniques from this book to increase your job offers, but have you thought about this? If you have the power to influence your next job interview why not go for a job with DOUBLE YOUR CURRENT SALARY? How would it make you feel if you could double or triple your current wage, what would you buy with all this extra cash? The questions is – how many different ways would your life change if you brought this book and increased your wage?


What Are Others Saying About This Book? Would you Recommend this Book?

“Chris Delaney is a passionate and skilled adviser dedicated to helping people reach their full potential. In this book he provides some excellent tips and advice to help people excel in interviews. It is not enough to know what to do in stressful situations; we also need to know how to behave. This essential step is explored fully by Chris and it’s what makes this book a valuable addition to the process of interview preparation for all”


David Hodgson, best-selling author of NLP based books including The Buzz and The Little Book of Inspirational Teaching Activities.


“In these days of reduced employment opportunities, this book redresses the balance in favour of the candidate.  With 73 Rules to use, any ambitious job hunter has a veritable armoury of resources to advance their successful career”


John Donaldson, Founder of Positive Input and author of Young Survivors Guide to Money



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