Improving Your Interview Skills

Improving Your Interview Skills



On average 300 applicants apply for every advertised position and only around 5-6 applicants receive a job interview. This means that once you are receiving job interviews for your desired position you know you meet the required criteria. The interview then is to simply confirm with the employer that you are the best choice for the role.


If you find that you aren’t being offered positions then you need to improve your interview skills. This article will give you several ideas on how you can build up your interview skills.


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Interview Coach/Mock Interviews



The easiest way to improve your job interview skills and to see where you are potentially going wrong in the job interview is to meet up with an interview coach. An interview coach will either complete a mock job interview, where you will be asked sector led interview questions or they will assess your interviews skills by asking a verity of coaching style questions allowing you to explore, reflect and challenge yourself before helping you plan how you can come across as a stronger applicant during the job interview.

The interview coach will also teach you how to break down the interview question so you can first understand what criteria the employer is looking for as part of the answer and how you can structure the interview answer in 3 steps to ensure the answer delivers a big impact.

Some interview coaches are also trained to help you boost your confidence using a verity of technique’s.


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You can book an interview coaching session and/or a Mock Interview with an interview coach by e-mailing

Confident Interview


A good question to ask yourself is “to pass interviews do I need to increase my confidence or is my confidence strong and I need to learn how to sell myself in the job interview?” This will allow to decide whether or not you need an interview coach or a confidence coach?

A confidence coach will teach you how to anchor confidence to the job interview. This internal resource can be used so you act at your best during the job interview. These techniques are used daily by athletes, sports professionals and even business leaders for multi-dollar meetings.



Toastmasters and Improve Classes


The reason people become stuck in the job interview is due to being asked out of the blue questions that they didn’t expect or by being asked questions they didn’t prepare for. The interview coach will always reiterate the importance of practice. A great way to learn to think oin your feet by attending a group where you get the chance to think on your feet.

Acting improve classes are great for learning this skill, as is toastmasters – a public speaking group where they do an exercise called table topics where you have to speak on an unknown topic for 2-3 minutes.

The key here is to practice answering off the cuff questions so you can learn to deliver confident answers. This is a key skill in all job interviews.

Interview questions and answers

Interview Preparation Resources





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