Interview Coaching and Advice in Manchester

Interview Coaching and Advice in Manchester


Failing at interviews is the number one reason job hunters do not gain employment, a new job promotion or a big pay rise! Many people have a real fear of interviews and this fear can be crippling to your career success. Not knowing how the interview process works, how to prepare for interviews and how to word your answers to the interview questions in a way that makes the interviewer see you as pure gold, is the reason why you want an interview coaching session.

Employment King uses qualified careers advisers to help you succeed during an interview. Success comes once you under stand the new and different techniques  employers are using during the interview process; employers still offer one to one interviews, but group work, panel interviews, presentations, online test and even webcam interviews are becoming a more popular way for employers to check you have the skills and qualities needed for their particular industry.


Do you have an interview date approaching fast? Do you want to be more successful in your next job interview? Do you want to know how to influence the job interview? Then you will want to book an appointment with an Interview Coach. With many years of experience helping job searchers pass interviews, our interview coaches can help you gain more offers of employment:


  • Learn how to prepare for interviews, predict interview questions and prepare killer answers
  • Respond to Tricky Interview Questions with ease using our Secret Interview Structure 
  • Become an industry expert and been seen as pure gold by any employer 
  • Understand how to use a “hand shake” “verbal language” and “body language” to influence the interviewer
  • Overcome your interview fears by using NLP techniques to boost your confidence


Our interview coaches offer a wide range of interview coaching sessions to help you sell yourself during the interview process. Our advisor’s are highly skilled in Interview Influencing techniques, which means our techniques will make a real difference in your life. These techniques are so successful that after several request from publishers, they have been record in:


What technique will help you pass your next job interview? What skill can you learn that will double your chances of interview success? If you could predict interview question, plan your answers, increase your interview confidence and create instant rapport – how will these skills increase your chances of gaining more job offers?


  • Understanding How to use Sale Psychology in the Job Interview 
  • Turn Your Skills and Experiences into an Irresistible Product 
  • Create Instant Rapport – make the employer think your the perfect candidate for this position 
  • Become or at least Come Across as an Industry Expert 
  • Interview planning – how to plan for an interview, interview questions and answers, how to act during the interview and after the interview.
  • A Secret Structure that will Ensure Every Answer makes a Real Impact in the Interview 
  • Boost Your Interview Communication Skills  
  • Destroy Your Interview Bad Habits
  • Mock Interviews – a chance to practice your interview techniques with professional feedback
  • Overcome Interview Fears and Boost Your Interview Confidence


If you would to book a session or require more information e-mail Why our Employment King’s clients more successful at job interviews? What makes our clients stand out and win more job offers? What techniques do our successful clients use in their job interviews?


  • NLP Techniques for Boosting Confidence and Maximising your Success – be your best in every job interview 
  • Psychology  for understanding your employers mind, learn what motivates your employer and how to sell yourself – become an irresistible product 
  • Hypnotic Persuasion Technique to make demand job offers, to create amazing rapport and make a lasting employer – the Employer will feel a desire to employ you but they won’t know why!!!

What to do Next? 


Video Interview Session £79.99


E-mail employment king on with your interview details, career goal and advice needed and one of our Qualified and Experience Interview Coaches will contact you to book a session.


3 x Video Interview Coaching Session £180


E-mail with your contact number, interview details and career choice. One of our Interview Coaches will telephone you back to book you a session for an Interview coaching session lasting around 60-90 minutes.


Advanced Interview Training Course £250


Attend the One Full Day Advance Interview Training Course based on the best selling book The 73 Rules for Influencing the Interview using Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques. Click Here for more details

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