Management Accounting Interview Questions

Management Accounting Interview Questions


Management accounting interview questions are very competitive positions, in the job interview you need to stand out by highlighting to the employer how you can add value to the organisation. To do this first, you need to predict the interview questions and then you can prepare your amazing interview answers.

  • What is your understanding of our organisation?
  • Tell us about your accounting experience with the previous organisations
  • What do you understand of the various functions of management accountancy?
  • Which ITC packages such as Oracle or Sage are you proficient in using, what are the advantages and disadvantages
  • What is your understanding of value added analysis
  • Describe a time when you had to build a collaborative relationship either internally or externally in order to achieve a particular goal.
  • Define a shadow balance sheet and its advantages
  • What criteria do you use for evaluating the reliability of the financial information you receive and how do you control errors in your work
  • Give me an example of the different approaches you have used when persuading your team, colleagues or manager to agree with your views
  • What is your knowledge of current accounting standards

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