Why You MUST Congratulate The Job Interviewer

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Why You MUST Congratulate The Job Interviewer


People make the mistake of believing that successful interviews are successful due to their past achievements, sector experience and skill base.


These three elements are important and is often the reason why you successfully passed the application section of the recruitment process.


The truth is that people are offered the jobs on more then their employment achievements they are recruited on their likability. The way you are perceived effects the odds for you to be offered the job role.


An employer wants to know if you will fit in with the team, if your work ethic will inspire others and if you are similar to the interviewer themselves. This article will teach you 3 techniques to boost likability


Below you will can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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You Must Congratulate the Interviewer 



People make decisions emotionally not logically.


By creating likability the employer will desire you. To create desire you need to make the interviewer feel excited. One way to do this is to talk about the reason why you want to work for their organisation. Explain how you are really impressed by a successful key project the company achieved, how the business has grown   from a small family business to a multi-national organisation or how the company has just won a new tender.


By talking about the organisations successes the interviewer will remember the feeling of success (from the initial experience) by discussing this project with you, the interviewer will subconsciously associate these same feelings to you.




Find the Interviewers Key Achievements 


In the job interview you will come to understand what type of manager the interview is. My matching personalities you will increase likability as people like people who are like them.



You can increase liability further by congratulating the interviewer on their key achievements.  If you have read the 73 rules for influencing the interview, you will have already mastered the skill to turn an interview into a conversation. By having a conversational job interview the interviewer will talk about their key achievements


At this stage – Ask, Listen and Repeat. Asking more questions increases the positive emotional association, listening to the interviewer shows interst and repeating what the interviewer said and congratulating them on their success doubles the pleasure feeling (which as we said before becomes associated to you)



Interview questions and answers

Create Attraction 


People feel an increase in attraction to someone who says they fancy them – this is a natural response


During the job interview, bring into the conversation how you like the interviewer, how you believe that you work well together and how you are looking forward to collaborating together.



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