Passing University Interviews Using a Unique Approach

Passing University Interviews Using a Unique Approach


It’s a norm for many of the top universities to conduct interviews for potential candidates before giving admissions. For few of these universities, the interview may just be a formality since the decision would depend on the report of their college tutors, though for the other high profile universities, interview is the decisive factor that plays a crucial role in the entry of students. So, when attending such university interviews students need to be well-prepared for whatever lies ahead. This article intends to present an insight into the process of passing university interviews successfully using a unique approach.

Show Your Enthusiasm

When attending any university interview, it is important to show that you are enthusiastic about the course. The interviewers are more likely to see your enthusiasm as a positive sign. At the same time, maintain a voice that is clear when answering their questions. If you are not giving clear answers or just mumbling, this can create a bad impression.



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Research about the University and Specific Course

Before going to an interview, research about the course you’ve chosen and the university as much as possible. Demonstrating your knowledge in these aspects can impress the interviewers. If you’ve met any of the course tutors, you can mention their names and if you’ve attended any open days you can mention that too. Make it clear through your speech that this is the right place for you. Take advantage of any opportunity that you get to praise the university. For instance, you can say something like “I have come acrossseveral positive reviews about your university, and really liked this course too!”

Avoid Long and Complicated Answers

As far as your way of talking goes, avoid answering in long rambling sentences and also never give answers in one word. You need to talk in such a way that there’s a relaxed 2-way discussion between the interviewer and you. Consider what you should reply before answering.



Be Prepared to Answer the Basic Questions

As for the preparation from your end, be well-prepared for the most obvious personal questions and questions like why you chose the subject or university. Have few questions ready from your end in advance just in case the interviewer asks you if you have anything to ask them.

Mock InterviewsCan Help!

Mock interviews can also help to a large extent. So, stage mock sessions along with a friend so that you get the real experience of how the situation is likely to be.

These tips are sure to help you crack a university interview successfully.

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